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Trump “chaos” IS a Business Strategy!

Trump isn’t crazy and he certainly hasn’t created all this chaos off-the-cuff or even by accident.

How Does Your Business Strategy Compare?

by Shelley Mitchell, Nationally-Recognized Speaker, 2-time Published Author, President, My Personal Business Coach & Founder/CEO of C.O.I. Center Of Influence Women’s Network



Have you ever wondered HOW Donald Trump,

one of the most successful business owners and entrepreneurs,

can create so much ruckus in the political arena? 

Have you considered that it can actually be a very calculated business plan and strategy for BUSINESS GROWTH?

Trump, Business Strategy, Shelley Mitchell

I’m NOT here to debate politics. My opinion of him of whether or not he should be the next President of the United States isn’t relevant.

The purpose of this article is to show you that even the man, Donald Trump, who is worth millions or more and is running for President has a Plan, a Strategy, Tactics and a Team to IMPLEMENT them.

So why do you, a business owner, try to do everything in your business and your life all on your own and then… you WONDER WHY things didn’t work out the way you wanted??

This is a COMMON problem and one of the biggest reasons why businesses FAIL!  Keep reading to get the…

3 Pieces Of A Profitable Business Plan and

The #1 Thing So Many Business Owners Overlook
In Growing Their Business!
#1 – Strategy

Trump says he wants to be the President. In order to be positioned as the authority you are trying to achieve, you need a strategy to do so. Trump uses his face, voice, words, business background, physical actions, and yes, his hair as his BRAND of a master plan. That’s just the stage or the face of the brand though. I can assure you there is an entire team behind the scenes making sure everything plays out according to the plan.

#2 – Tactics

There is a wizard behind the curtains and it’s not him. I’m sure he has a lot to say about it but there are coaches or “advisors” who are experts in what I call the FOCUS FORMULA that drives the business or the “authority positioning” which is done through the…

4 parts of this FOCUS FORMULA:
  1. Creating the Business (being the CEO)
  2. Getting the Business (CTA’s, Calls to Action and all of the activity that leads your potential client to take the next step.)
  3. Doing the Business (fulfillment)
  4. Running The Business


#3 – Team

Trump has experts in each one of these areas and he is the leader or engineer of this train.

It truly does take a VILLAGE. Uhm, I think his opponent said that years ago.

And while he is the “face” of all this ruckus, I guarantee that he has a very well-oiled machine running all the systems and tracking his numbers in the background to make sure it all works together, despite the appearance of chaos on the outside. He has a vision, a strategy, tactics and team.


Take a look at this but do it from the perspective of asking yourself “HOW DO I COMPARE in my business and what do I need to change”?

#4 – The #1 thing so many business owners overlook in their business plan is INFLUENCE!

As I work with my private VIP clients, we create a unique 6-figure & beyond FOCUS formula that works for them and for their life so the can FOCUS on the right things, get into their FLOW and have the FREEDOM they truly want.

You can have a PLAN, a Strategy, Tactics and a TEAM but the TRUTH is that people BUY from people and businesses they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST.

You need to know exactly how to network, build relationships and be known, liked and trusted.

All of this equals your “INFLUENCE”

The purpose of all of this work is to POSITION yourself as an EXPERT and BE KNOWN, recognized and sought out for this and to MAKE MORE MONEY. Again, this equals “INFLUENCE”.

Ahem, so do you think Trump has accomplished that?

He leaves things out that he doesn’t want to do or that he isn’t a master of and turns them over to someone else. He doesn’t need to “know” everything and NEITHER DO YOU.

He seems to steer clear away from topics he doesn’t know well and continues to bring his audience or “potential client” back to exactly what he wants you to know him as an EXPERT in; his favorite topics that he is truly passionate about.

Above all else, Donald Trump IS growing his INFLUENCE no matter what. He is making even more connections and relationships than he has ever had in the past.

Whether he gets elected or not, his businesses are booming, and hmmmm, maybe that was his strategy all along 🙂

Need a REAL PLAN for your business? One that keeps you FOCUSED on the right things so you can build your business and to have the FREEDOM you deserve?

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by Shelley Mitchell, Nationally-Recognized Speaker, 2-time Published Author, President, My Personal Business Coach & Founder/CEO of C.O.I. Center Of Influence Women’s Network


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