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The 7 Biggest Online Marketing & Social Media Mistakes business owners make!

Are You Making These 7 Biggest Online Marketing Mistakes?

Online marketing can be really simple, or it can cause a treacherous headache to even the most focused and systematic business owner and entrepreneur.

Recently, I was honored with the Golden Mouse Award for Women in E-Commerce. Women in E-commerce??? I remember the day that might be considered an oxymoron but now it’s a HUGE honor because it says to me as an “old dog” over 40, that I have learned a lot from my mistakes.

The most important thing I want you to understand is that being good at online marketing is a “formula.”

If you aren’t using this FOCUS FORMULA, then I promise you that you are doing way too much work and getting way too little results.

If you want to start getting more leads and finding great clients from social media, through your website and other online marketing sources, then check out the 7 biggest mistakes I see every day when I’m working with clients doing the live expert marketing reviews for the Marketing Makeover Road Map.

And YES, I even tell you how to FIX THEM!

Mistake #1 – The Ostrich

A lot of people are so overwhelmed by what they “think” they should do with social media that they just stick their head in the sand and they don’t do anything with it at all. This is mistake number one.

You should have your pages and profiles set up everywhere.

Beginners should start with the “Big Five” which are Facebook personal, Facebook business, twitter, Google Plus and Linked In. Even if you cannot do anything with them consistently at first, the more stuff you have out there that has your name, and your website on it, the more likely your ideal clients will be able to find you.

Don’t ignore social media like you would ignore a bad date or boring boyfriend! “A girl has got to eat!” So go to dinner and enjoy the meal and then figure out what you really like and don’t like later on but don’t sit at home and do nothing.


Mistake #2 – CONNECT-THE-DOTS is just a game for when you are bored

The second biggest mistake and the number one most common error by over 90% of business owners is… Not connecting your social media profiles to the right places including each other.

After you set up your online profiles, make sure you have your business contact information there so that it is EASILY FOUND. More importantly, your website link like http://www.mypersonalbusinesscoach.com(always hyperlink where possible) should be on anything, and everything where possible (except in your email marketing). Put this on all social media, videos, online marketing, and of course, your live and physical marketing.

After all, how are people supposed to find you especially when they are passive leads and are not going to pick up the phone or just remember to visit your website?



This is going to be the easiest fix you’re going to get out of this entire blog and the most common mistake I see made by online marketing newbies. Please make sure you have a Facebook business page, and you list as your “employer” or where you “work” on your personal Facebook page. It will automatically pop up through the hyperlink when you are adding it, assuming you created your business page. (which you should have)

Why is this so important?

Because once you do this, whenever someone clicks on the “about you” on your personal page, they can easily click on it, and it will take them immediately to your business page. They won’t have to search for you or your business, and it will show up easily on your profile PLUS you can quickly use the Facebook function to invite any of your friends to LIKE your business page. (which will be very important later on when you start doing Facebook promotions and ads)

Once upon a time when I was using a template website company to host my website, I could not get SEO ranked for the life of me. However, when someone checked my rankings for me and they found that my Facebook presence was the highest of all of my online marketing efforts and outranked ALL local business coaches; all because I wasn’t an ostrich and I connected the dots.

The only time you probably don’t want to do this is if you’re employed by the US government and have a top-secret security clearance, and you have a side-gig as a pole dancer at night. In this case, hyperlinking may cause some problems.

Mistake #4 – Using Blogging instead of going to Therapy

It took me years of so-called “online marketing” to realize that “blogging” was not supposed to be my whipping post or to replace a therapist should I actually need one.

I like to write. Well, I like to vent, complain, teach and share my knowledge even more.

I actually don’t write, I speak my blogs into Siri or another cool speaking program and my crazy thoughts, just like today, just come rolling out. It doesn’t matter if I’m driving down the road, laying out at the pool or was in a meeting. My “rants” come when they come, and I can’t control them. I really do live and breathe this stuff, so I will then run them through Grammarly, a phenomenal high-end online editing app, which makes a ton of corrections most of us miss and then they get posted. I use a great blog-posting app on my mac I will share with you in the Marketing Makeover Road Map Program.

Mistake #5 – It’s All About Me!

I’m going to say this, which may sound crass, but no one really gives a crap about our venting and ranting. Yes, people want to hear about what you are passionate about, but they want it to be about them, not about you.

So rant away but make sure you tie it into the needs of your ideal client and target market.

In the past, I would ramble on and vent about something I was passionate or pissed about that day and let blogging be my venting spot and replace therapy. Now, I put it to good use to help me get found as the “expert authority” in my field. Again, it’s a “formula”. (which I show you in the Marketing Makeover Road Map)

So, do you want to vent or do you want to be found by your ideal clients in your online marketing?

For technology sake, if you don’t use the formula and make it about your reader or your ideal client, they simply won’t be able to find you or your blog. Mainly, because unless you are stalking them in an email campaign and bribing them with prizes to actually read it, they will never see it and it will never show up in a search unless you use the FOCUS FORMULA

Which leads me to mistake #6…

Mistake #6 – Focus is hocus-pocus!

In online marketing, like I said before, no one cares about your venting, rants or even well thought out blogs because if your blog lacks “FOCUS,” you won’t be found.

SEO, Google, and all of the rankings gods of online marketing really do care about FOCUS more than anything else when you are writing or posting anything.

Each blog must have a “focus word” which is truly your magic pill to blogging, content marketing, and online marketing.

Each blog should have a focus word, and only ONE focus per each blog plus you should do your very best not to repeat it for your future blogs… Why is not relevant, it’s just not good to repeat it.

Still confused? Here’s an example…

The “FOCUS” word for this blog you are reading right now is “online marketing.” Yes, I know that’s TWO words, but it’s a FOCUS word. “Online Marketing” is located in the h1 heading, it’s located in the first paragraph and found at least seven times throughout the blog. One of my past blogs FOCUS words is “productivity,” another might be “cash flow” and so on.

This FOCUS formula is what causes you to be found in searches (SEO) when someone is typing in that particular topic or “online marketing” in this case. The more you share in the right places and in the manner in which you share also raises the rankings.

All the fluff between those FOCUS words is almost irrelevant. There are other very specific things you need to do to be found through content and online marketing with your blog. Knowing how to indicate your focus word on your website and exactly how & where to share your content is really important as well. This is all something I very specifically address step-by-step which you will discover in the Marketing Makeover Road Map program when you take action and join today.

NOW do you see why no one cares about rants, vents, etc.? Until you have a focus word, all of that blogging or venting we do is useless to you and everyone else because they will never read it or even find you.

Mistake # 7 – Pretty Branding Gets New Clients

No, No, and No! Branding doesn’t make you money!

However, before my uber-talented graphic designer, Dawn Burke of Dawn of Designs, tries to kick my a$$, I want to clarify something first which is much more important than “branding.” (Dawn Burke is not only my graphic designer but is also a top client of mine who has been able to grow her business SIGNIFICANTLY over the last few years. She has branded a lot of growing businesses, products and services and is even Trump’s former Art Director.



One of the big mistakes I see especially in women business owners is spending a shit ton of money on branding, business cards, websites, logos, pretty banners and all that other stuff especially when they don’t even know how to get enough clients!

Branding does not make you any money at all nor will it ever give anyone the “expert” perception of you and your business if they can’t ever find you.

Make sense?

I still feel like Dawn is still considering hiring a hit man so let me say that you do need a professional presence! BECAUSE, again, consistency equals trust.

What you put out there needs to be consistent. As you know, everything I do has the color BLUE, and I throw in some coral because I’m “sassy” like that. Those are my brand of colors; they are my LIFE colors; they are ME.

If I make any changes to anything, we still ensure my colors tie together.

All of your social media sites should have headers and banners, but they can be as simple as something with a primary color like yellow and your business name or a picture that represents your brand, who you are, and what you believe in encompassed into it. More importantly, make sure that it ties into what your ideal client’s needs are and how they are psychologically connected to you.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO SPEND THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS ON BRANDING, logos, and all that other stuff to BE FOUND, to get leads, or to make money with online marketing. Truthfully, a “text only ” email vs. an HTML email with graphics is more likely to get through and OPENED in hour email marketing, so less is actually better.

Finally, I want to reiterate that people buy from those who they know, like, and trust. I know that sounds pretty cliché, but it is true. Again, consistency equals trust.

If your social media is all over the place, nothing is consistent, your Google page doesn’t look anything like your Facebook page, and you have 20 different headshots that are 10 years old because you’ve gained 40 lbs. (oh wait, that’s just me) then your potential client will psychologically perceive you as unprofessional and “all over the place”. And that’s IF they even find you! Because with this mess, no one will recognize you between Facebook, Linked in and your brochure.

In the Marketing Makeover Road Map, we cover these topics in detail, so you will discover exactly:

  • what type of headshot you need,
  • what messages are portrayed by each color you use,
  • when you NEED a logo and when you don’t, and
  • how to convey the right message psychologically to attract the right clients.
  • You will also learn WHY people buy and why they don’t buy so you can FOCUS your efforts on the RIGHT THINGS throughout all of your branding and marketing.

If you are just starting out in business, you don’t need a logo YET. A lot needs to be clarified first, or, mark my word; you will end up paying DOUBLE for this.

And for goodness sake, please do not have your Uncle Harry make a logo for you; (I can see Dawn smiling and nodding her head on this one :-)… even if he did take a graphic design class and really wants to give you a gift OR even if he did rescue you in high school when you sneaked out of the house, and your parents still haven’t found out. Don’t worry; you will get a MAKEOVER for all of this when you take action with Marketing Makeover Road Map.

In the Marketing Makeover Road Map, we address your online marketing mishaps, mistakes and yes, even the disasters and help you put it all together and tie it up together with a nicely wrapped package and a bow on top.

Finally, I want to point out that almost everything I suggested in this blog does not cost you a penny to do. Grammarly does have an annual investment which I also use for my clients, so it’s been totally worth it, and the MARKETING MAKEOVER ROAD MAP has been on SALE for a very limited time! So what’s holding you back?

For almost free, you can easily be-be found by your perfect ideal clients, generate leads and make more money. Even in the Marketing Makeover Road Map, the entire live expert online marketing review and the Audio Action Checklist includes all of the free or almost-free

  • actions,
  • apps,
  • activities,
  • resources, and
  • tools for you to use and finally,

*** Transform Your MARKETING from “overwhelm” to “AMAZING” if you simply follow the steps.**

If you don’t know how to this or aren’t sure what to do NEXT,

then the Marketing Makeover Road Map is perfect for you.

You will be able to finally address all of these things and much much much more including access to many of your bonuses that touch on everything you need to be found by your perfect ideal client and generate leads to make more money and build your business.

This is where I do a complete personal live review of everything you have and then:

  • give you a step-by-step action plan on exactly what needs to be done,
  • what needs to be considered and deleting are changing and
  • what needs to be added so that
  • you can maximize your social media presence.

When you do this and take action on this program, you will then be in the top 5% of most business hours today because over 90% of them don’t do anything and are still stuck on number one of this blog; THE OSTRICH!

Don’t be an ostrich, be the CEO of your business and make more money and take action today on the Marketing Makeover Road Map

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About The Author – Shelley Mitchell

Shelley Mitchell is one of the FIRST 77 women in our country with TWO Combat Patches and Cosmopolitan Magazine’s First Fun Fearless Female, selected by and mentored by Helen Gurley Brown, Editor in Chief. Shelley served in Panama and the first Gulf War and is now a Disabled Veteran and former Army Sargent.

Combat to COSMO to Corporate to COACH!  Shelley Mitchell - My Personal Business Coach

As a Nationally–recognized and award winning Speaker, Certified Business and ADHD Coach, former Army Sergeant with 2 Combat Patches, and Cosmopolitan Magazines first Fun, Fearless, Female combined with being a passionate single mom of a Teen Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur with ADHD, and having over 25 years of very high level real-world business experience running multi-million dollar companies, this unique combination is what sets Shelley apart from any other coach, strategist or consultant you could ever work with.

Shelley has personally grown a multiple 6-figure businesses herself with an 85% + retention ratio of her private VIP clients year after year! Not only is FOCUSED on your SUCCESS but she helps you FOCUS to a 6-figure & beyond business.

Shelley’s unique, dedicated, “tough love,” strength & gift-based approach of helping you achieve your goals is MUCH DIFFERENT than you will ever experience.

ADHD, ADD’ish traits or NOT, she has a much bigger toolbox to support you in achieving the SUCCESS and making the MONEY you truly deserve.

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