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How To Create SYSTEMS For Your Business, that work with your brain-style & ADHD

How To Create SYSTEMS For Your Business

Do you realize that 90% of COACHES in this country are BROKE and MOST will never make more than $50,000 a year!

There are a lot of so-called “experts” out there who preach “BALANCE” and “How To Create A Six-Figure Business.” 95% of them have a different source of income other than their business coaching practice whether it’s another J.O.B., a SPOUSE with a great job or even another business that actually brings in the money.

They might have SYSTEMS (which is EASY to do when you have endless funds) but will those REALLY WORK for YOU and your unique brain-style?

Also, if you are like me and have ADHD or ADD-ish traits like struggling with

  • Getting easily distracted
  • A to-do list a mile long
  • Difficulty staying FOCUSED
  • Hyperfocus – (FOCUSED on ONE thing and lose track of time (forgetting the kids at school or realizing it’s 2 am now when you thought it was only 10 pm)
  • Time Management
  • Organization (you are a PILER, not a filer..)
  • Financial Tracking and Management
  • Lack of follow up with leads/contacts and follow through on TASKS

And so on – (you can see more of this list here)

Then the so-called “SYSTEMS” out there aren’t going to work for you. YOU NEED A SYSTEM that works with your BRAIN-STYLE, your business, and your life.

Are you ready for 2016 to be DIFFERENT? Do you want me to share exactly HOW to create a step-by-step Business Plan (Money Plan, Marketing Plan and Action Plan) that works for you?

To do this, you must be able to ANSWER FOUR QUESTIONS…

  1. WHO are you?
  2. WHERE are you now?
  3. WHERE do you want to go?
  4. HOW are you going to get there?


Here’s HOW to answer these questions and the steps to take to creating the SYSTEMS in your business and your life that work for you so you can FINALLY START GETTING $hit done, make more money and achieve your GOALS!


WHO are you?

First, you must determine your GENIUS and understand your unique brain-style and how you truly need to operate in order be consistent, successful and happy. I call this my “FLOW”. Oddly enough, operating in the place also creates CASH-FLOW ☺

I have used DISC, BANK, Strength Finders and about 15 other tests in my past but have found that the WEALTH DYNAMICS Test is the best one for my BUSINESS brain and putting teams together for small business owners, solopreneurs, and mompreneurs.

Are you a DYNAMO, a BLAZE, a TEMPO or a STEEL? (click here to find out now)

The reason things are SO DARN HARD for us every day is because we are trying to do things each day that are not in our FLOW. It’s time to Find Your FOCUS and your FLOW! (cash-flow)


WHERE Are You Now?

I hear so many people tell me that they want to make 10k in a month or make 100k in a year, but they have no idea what the GAP is from where they are to where they want to go. I KNOW how to get you there, but we can’t do that until you know WHERE YOU ARE NOW.

This means “KNOW YOUR NUMBERS”. If you can’t tell me right now how much you spent last month in each area (like office supplies or networking) and how much INCOME you brought in. (actual CASH, not promises) or even how many phone calls you need to make to get an appointment or how many appointment you need to hold before you get a sale then you are LOST and do not know WHERE you are.

My initial KPI Assessment I do with all of my private clients when they first start walks them through this process step by step. It gives the best foundation for success.


WHERE Do You Want To Go?

Next, we need to craft our VISION/ Mission and put it on paper. I’ve used a lot of different formats but here is the one I used this year. Jack Canfield’s Success Strategies have worked in the past, but this one is from The Millionaire Master Plan by Roger Hamilton.

Imagine that the date is one year from TODAY and this stuff has ALREADY HAPPENED. Complete the following sentences as such. (don’t forget to put it on paper and then keep it in front of you each day)

  • I am so grateful for the last year. In the last year, I have…
  • My personal cash flow…
  • My assets…
  • My time…
  • My job / business…
  • My mentors…
  • My team…
  • My customers…
  • My partners…
  • My health…
  • My family & friends…
  • My passions & pastimes…
  • My contribution…
  • My next year…



HOW Are You Going To Get There?

This is where the breakdown usually happens for people, especially those who are involved in the personal development world and know how to create their VISION all day long.

Everyone NEEDS A PLAN… Imagine what it would be like if you had a Step-By-Step Plan in your business? You save so much time, so much money and a lot of frustration when you have a real plan. And most of all, you can STAY FOCUSED, even on the rough days… systems - business plan

Having a PLAN has been the #1 contributing factor of why I was able to create a 6-figure business my first full year and continue to double my revenues over and over.

When we go on a trip to somewhere we’ve never been before, we usually plug the address in the GPS. Otherwise, we would rarely arrive at our destination on time if at all, and we would constantly be getting distracted by the premiere outlet malls.

So why do we think we can drive a business without a GPS?

The first part of the plan you need is a MONEY Plan. This is WHO you create products and services for, WHAT your products and services are and what the prices are. We divide that into the amount of money we want and NEED to make (because we already know where we are ☺ )

You then calculate all of your revenue sources out based on what you are going to sell throughout the year. At this time, you can determine if there are any holes in the plan and where you can make them up.

How Many X’s multiplied by the Y (the price of each) multiplied by EACH MONTH = Your Revenue/ Income Projection

Second, you need a MARKETING PLAN. Most business owners get distracted by the newest magic pill showing up in the life with promises of attracting new leads and new clients and all in their business will be rose colored glasses going forward.

There is NO MAGIC PILL…. You can’t even begin to NETWORK, Market, Promote, Sell, Get a website, create a brand or publish a book or product, or even be a SPEAKER until you have a MONEY PLAN and everything that comes before this step.

Then and only then, do you now lay out the STEPS to market and promote YOU, your products and services. I typically limit these to 3-5 Strategies with no more than 16 tactics. (usually, less so you can track and redirect when necessary)

We also break everything down into quarters, so we only do one launch or initiative or big push per quarter. Any more and that creates OVERWHELM in even the most normal, organized focused person.

THIRD, create an ACTION PLAN. My newly designed ACTION PLAN we are rolling out with the 6-figure FOCUS Formula at my live business planning workshop on January 7th includes your Money Plan, Marketing Plan, Personal Plan, TEAM Plan and Priority Action Plan for each quarter.  Click Here to Check Out Our Money & Marketing Success Planning Day

The purpose of this is to create FOCUS, Flow, and ease in your life. If you are like me, you created your business so it would give you FREEDOM in your life. So your business needs to work around your life, not the other way around.

That means that your PERSONAL plan and Your TEAM plan (WHO needs to be on your team to accomplish all of these wonderful things) must be a part of your ACTION PLAN.

Finally, SYSTEMS! Most people spend a fortune on systems, time management tools, software, apps, infusion soft, lead generation, websites and everything else.

Until you know your Money Plan, Your Marketing Plan, Your Personal Plan, Your Team Plan and Your ACTION Plan, you can’t create SYSTEMS that will work for YOU and your unique brain style. Again, there is NO MAGIC PILL but at this point, creating systems for someone that works for them is the easy part. BEFORE you get to this point, it is IMPOSSIBLE to find the RIGHT systems.

If you are READY to have the best year even in 2016, join me at my REAL-WORLD, no-fluff, no b.s., yet still FUN, business plan workshop on January 7th.

In Just 1 Day, You Will Walk Away With a Complete, Step-By-Step Business Plan for the “real world” – Your Complete Money Plan and Marketing Plan with Templates, Tools, Resources, Checklists, and Action Plan!


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