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Benefits - WHO is this for?

From Combat to Cosmo to Corporate to Coach, Shelley Mitchell works with Smart, Creative and Driven ("highly-spirited") Entrepreneurs to help you find your FOCUS, get clear on your message, create a PLAN that works for you and your unique brain-style and develop the SYSTEMS so you can be the CEO of your business and make MORE MONEY!

The time is NOW to turn your PASSION and PURPOSE into a PROFITABLE, Successful Business!

SPEAK - SELL - SERVE!  Together with my team of Coach-sultants, we are EXPERTS in working with Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Managers, Leaders/Executives, Start-Ups, Direct SALES/MLM and Real Estate Agents/Brokers & Property Management professionals and ADHD 'ers stand out as the Expert Authorities in their industry so they can MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of others and Catapult their CASH FLOW!

No matter what business you are in, you will DISCOVER:

  • Determine your Values - Create a business with integrity and purpose designed around your life, not the other way around.
  • Create a "real" Plan - Using your unique brain style, gifts, strengths, Passion & purpose, we CATAPULT you to being a profitable CEO of your business giving you the FOCUS you need and the FREEDOM you deserve.
  • FOCUS on Priorities - Stop making noise & start making money!  We help you take things off your plate and FOCUS on the right things that add to the bottom line of your business and the top level of your life.  The time is now to triple your profits and PRODUCTIVITY.  SUCCESS IS SIMPLE when we FOCUS on the right things.
  • Be the recognized Expert & Authority - through our unique strategic 3 Pillar System "Speak - Sell - Serve", you will quickly GET MORE CLIENTS, AUTOMATE & ACCELERATE your business growth, determine your perfect "ideal" client, develop your packages & products and position yourself through niche marketing and speaking to be seen, heard, found and sought-after as the expert you truly are.
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