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Shelley Mitchell, Changing The Way Women Do BusinessShelley Mitchell and her team at My Personal Business Coach

Whether you are a business owner or entrepreneur in start-up or ready to take it to the next level and add an additional 6-figures and beyond, Shelley Mitchell and her team at My Personal Business Coach use “tough love” and real-world business skills, knowledge, experience and acumen to help you get IN the game, PLAY the game and WIN the game!

Business coaching …

Business Coaching helps owners of small and medium sized businesses with their sales, marketing, management, team building and so much more. We use our unique “Catapult” process and our signature philosophy and program “Get Your IPA On” to ensure you are FOCUS on the right things so you can MAKE MORE MONEY.

Speak, Sell, Serve, Systems

  • SPEAK for Profit!
  • SELL with Integrity and get MORE clients!
  • SERVE your most ideal clients and target market by creating the…
  • SYSTEMS to help you FOCUS and simplify, Automate & Accelerate your business and your life to have the FREEDOM you truly deserve.

Being a Certified ADHD Coach

is what set me and my ways of helping you achieve your goals MUCH DIFFERENT than other coaches. ADHD, ADD’ish traits or NOT, I have a much bigger tool box to support you to SUCCESS.
Shelley’s unique coaching focuses on your “specific” needs.. Like all coaching, it is a supportive, goal-oriented process in which the coach and the client work to develop the tools, strategies and confidence necessary to help the client reach his or her potential.

The difference between AD/HD coaching and other coaching processes is that the coach is trained and experienced in working with people with AD/HD and is capable of helping that person develop strategies which maximize the talents of the AD/HD brain and compensate for the individual difficulties the AD/HD client experiences.

Typically, this type of coaching helps individuals with AD/HD develop the structures, processes, and practical approaches necessary to meet the challenges of everyday life and excel in their areas of special talents

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