What We Do

Business coaching to help my marketing planMy Personal Business Coach, LLC is an expert business coaching and consulting company that supports smart, driven entrepreneurs to get unstuck, unstressed, and out of overwhelm! With our proven system and methods, business owners determine their values, create business plans, focus on their priorities, implement a system, and take action to make more money and reach their dreams and goals.

We are experts at helping you:

  • Determine your values;
  • Develop your focus or mission;
  • Determine and prioritize your strategies and activities;
  • Create a step-by-step strategic business plan and then;
  • Take action to reach your dreams and goals so you can make more money and have better work–life balance.

Our specialized and targeted coaching and consulting services bring incredible value by eliminating distractions, streamlining processes, and implementing systems for your continued growth, development, and success.

Shelley Mitchell, the president of My Personal Business Coach, LLC is also the creator of the Right Brain Solution, a certified Business and ADHD Coach, a national speaker, a business and community leader, author of Build My List! Build My Business! Build My Bank Account!, co-author of More Ways to Succeed with ADHD, and author of the forthcoming book series How to Get and Keep What You Really, Really Want. Her company provides targeted coaching and consulting services for sustainable, long-term growth.

My Personal Business Coach, LLC provides both the GPS and roadmap for your journey – sitting in the front seat alongside you while you maneuver to your destination. We provide clear objectives, guidance, support, and most of all, the accountability we all need to achieve our goals and overcome our challenges.

How We Do It

business coaching class

Everything is accomplished through our proven signature CATAPULT© system and methodology which includes our 10 P’s Concept (people, product, place, price, promotion, process, business planning, physical evidence, partnerships, and psychology).

My Personal Business Coach, LLC coaching and consulting packages are designed to help you to achieve your business and personal goals quickly and comprehensively.

Step One:
In this ongoing coaching partnership, we start by assessing what’s working, what isn’t, and help you to clarify your goals, focusing on what you want to achieve.
Step Two:
Together, we set targets, pinpoint measurable outcomes, and develop a specific time-line for achieving the results you want.
Step Three:
We brainstorm different activities, test out ideas, and implement new strategies.
Step Four:
We help you eliminate any distractions or challenges and support you in overcoming obstacles that get in your way or cause you to get overwhelmed or even procrastinate.
Step Five:
Once we’ve enabled you to prioritize, focus, and take action using our simple, methodical, and proven approaches, we help you position yourself massive growth and repeated success by beginning again at Step One.

It is up to you to implement and do the work – or delegate as appropriate. We can provide business consulting, financial resources and insights, training, marketing direction, administrative, and technical services to help with business plan execution if you do not have the resources in-house.

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