VIP CATAPULT© Private Business Coaching

Do you need an exact, step-by-step roadmap of what you need to do to make the money you deserve in your business like YESTERDAY?

What if you could spend an entire day one-on-one with a top mentor and business coach who, with the support of her team, possesses a proven record of success for strategizing, planning, and focusing entirely on YOU to help you build your business?

If you are ready to take your business and your income to the next level, then the Virtual or Live VIP CATAPULT© Day is for you!

Your VIP CATAPULT© Day is designed to be an intensive, one-on-one, personal experience to either LAUNCH or LEAP your BUSINESS rapidly and effectively with CLARITY complete with a Step-by-Step Plan. It is only for those who are committed to moving forward in their business, open to having a positive abundant mindset, and are willing to take consistent ACTION to move forward. A full VIP CATAPULT© Day can eliminate weeks, months, or even years of lost time, lost income, and headaches from banging your head against the wall from trying to do it alone!

These days are completely tailored to meet your unique needs and goals. Below are some of the things we could cover in your PRIVATE, one-on-one VIP CATAPULT© Day.

For business owners STUCK in START-UP mode who want to finally launch their business, we can help you:

  • Powerfully define your market niche and identify your ideal client.
  • Create your impact statement, the perfect brand, tagline, and powerful messaging.
  • Craft your compelling talk and a speaker plan.
  • Create your unique Signature System that you can sell right away.
  • Package and price your flagship offerings and map out your sales funnel.
  • Create a detailed Client Attraction Plan that includes all of your marketing strategies and tactics for on- and offline.
  • Design a lead-generating website and Build Your List!
  • Define your specific goals and key performance indicators to reach them.
  • Generate a 100% realistic and totally doable business model for the next 12-18 months with your specific income goals and projections incorporated.

For more experienced business owners ready to LEAP to the next level and beyond, we can help you:

  • Create an advanced Client Attraction Plan and passive revenue streams.
  • Define the next 12-18 months of offers, programs, launches, list-building activities, etc.
  • Produce a comprehensive 12-18 Month Marketing Plan and Promotional Calendar.
  • Design a particular product or event LAUNCH from A through Z.
  • Create your SIGNATURE TALK that sells.
  • Define your referral partners, affiliates, strategic alliances, and JV or other outreach plans.
  • Design a telesummit, promotional giveaways, or other "large-return" list building initiatives.
  • Revisit and upgrade your online presence as well as your complimentary, irresistible Opt-In Offer to more effectively generate leads.
  • Identify, develop, and plan the most influential social media strategies and tactics to compel new clients to come running your way.
  • Dramatically improve your conversion rates by learning and using the most psychologically influential enrollment strategies and customizing them to suit your business.

Stop guessing, spinning your wheels, feeling overwhelmed, and wasting TIME and MONEY because of the many distractions that pull you off task and leave you unfocused! 

Your VIP CATAPULT© Day is a Total Immersion Process…

We review your business, revenue, service models, and recommend small shifts and key changes to help you create big results fast! Together, we work to identify what you’re doing right—and where you’re leaving money on the table. Then, together, we brainstorm and target specific solutions to fix whatever is undermining your success. The result? A new business roadmap that equips you with more focus, momentum, clients, money, and much more fun!

Step One:
Submit the Application for the VIP CATAPULT© Day with your deposit, unless you are an existing client.
Step Two:
If the application is accepted, you will receive the VIP CATAPULT© Day Questionnaire to complete and return with the balance of your payment.
Step Three:
We will schedule our "Pre-VIP Day" call within two days after receipt to review the questionnaire with you.
Step Four:
We schedule your VIP CATAPULT© Day, record everything for you when we meet, and then sent the recording to you in MP3 format for your reference.
Step Five:
We prepare a Step-by-Step Growth Plan /ROADMAP for you based on our session and send you the PDF document with your specific goals and projects broken down for the next 6 months among other things.

SO… if you are really ready to launch your business or LEAP to the next level to make the money you truly deserve, then the VIP CATAPULT© Day is your answer!

Seven Life-Changing Benefits You’ll Experience During Your VIP CATAPULT© Day:

  1. Increase Your Income Quickly. We will show you exactly how to generate the maximum profit with the least amount of work. Of over 100 Strategies and Tactics, you will receive your customized list narrowed down to no more than 16 just for YOU and your business so you know exactly how to focus your efforts on INCOME PRODUCING ACTIVITIES.
  2. Get Clarity on Your Business. It’s important to get crystal clear about your business which means no more guessing, no more trying things blindly, and no more confusion.
  3. Receive a Step-by-Step LAUNCH or LEAP Plan. YOUR ROADMAP To SUCCESS. You won’t receive a "Cookie-Cutter" plan that many online teachers provide, you receive a 100% customized plan adapted to you, your market, and how you want to design your life.
  4. Packages and Revenue Projections. Because of my experience with financials and business management, I’ll show you how to build your list, give you a funnel, and give you a worksheet that includes 12 months of Revenue Projections that coincide with your Step-by-Step ROADMAP. No more guessing where the money is going to come from!
  5. Marketing Message and IMPACT Statement. We’ll teach you how to know WHO your ideal client really is, then help you construct the right marketing message for your business that easily attracts them.
  6. Signature Program. Get the steps on HOW to create your "Signature Program," which is your uniquely branded system that you can ultimately turn into multiple products and services.
  7. Systems! Receive a complete assessment of your systems; what is working, what is NOT, what needs to be implemented, and what should be TOSSED.
    • As appropriate, this covers administration, marketing, support teams, accounting and financial management, social media, online versus offline, calendars, scheduling, time management, and customer or client relationship management (CRM).

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