Shelley Mitchell, Keynote & Motivational Speaker, EMCEE, Master Trainer / Facilitator, Business Growth Expert and Certified "PRESENTAINER" PRESENTS...

The "right" Emcee Knows How To Increase SALES and Conversions and to turn your "VISION" Into The Ultimate EXPERIENCE For All Attendees!

Why Do I Need To Hire An Emcee For My Event, Conference or Seminar?

So you are having an Event? And you are considering having an Emcee,

but you may feel it's "optional" in your budgetary process, or you might even think it's NOT in the budget at all (& can't afford it).

Trust me when I say this... as someone who puts on their own large and small events, I truly understand the level of STRESS you endure when your personal checkbook is on the line. Also, as someone who has personally SOLD OVER 6 figures in one weekend alone and knows what all it takes to accomplish such a feat, I'm very aware that you can't afford NOT to have an EXPERIENCED EMCEE supporting your event!

The small investment of hiring the "right" Emcee for your event should pay for itself... up to 10x!

John Terry

"FANTASTIC job as Emcee. Lots of energy, fun and engagement, which is so valuable in getting buy-in from the audience. "

John Terry, President: International Martial Arts Council of America / United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Executive Pastor at Encounter Church - Hot Springs

Discover The Unequivocal And Essential Reasons Why You "MUST" Hire An Experienced Emcee:


    • The entire “FLOW”, FOCUS, Energy Level and Attendee Experience is IMPERATIVE to having a successful event. This mistake of "doing it yourself" or hiring ANY SPEAKER or a "friend or relative" is usually only made once and is typically made by first-time event planners and event holders.
    • In business events, conferences, training courses, seminars, etc… where the purpose is to EDUCATE your audience and ultimately persuade your ideal clients/ attendees to “take the next step”, whether it’s sales or simply lead-generation, the EMCEE can MAKE or BREAK your CONVERSION RATIO.
    • Yes (in case you are wondering), the “right” Emcee can even significantly increase your CONVERSION RATIO overall, Sales and VIP Upgrades.
    • Having a qualified EMCEE who understands the "psychology of sales" and what truly motivates your audience to take ACTION is the KEY to the success of your event!
    • The amount of TIME and STRESS It Takes OFF OF YOU is PRICELESS! The "right" Emcee should add positive energy to your life force, NOT take from it. They are part of your team and SUPPORT SYSTEM.


    Shelley Mitchell is an expert Business Growth Consultant and ADHD Coach with top-rate, high-level Sales experience. She is also an Award-Winning National Speaker, who can MOTIVATE and INSPIRE your audience and SET THE TONE you truly want to have at your event.

    She has put on her OWN events, conferences and training programs and has personally sold over 6 figures in a weekend from the stage.  She started EMCEEING her own client's events to create sales outcomes of 5 figures in 1 day and much more in 2-3 days events. And quickly realized at the urging of many of her followers and friends that EMCEEING was one of  her gifts!

    She now Emcees large, high-end events (and a few smaller, local, "select" events) for organizations like The Speaking and Marketing Academy, Pure Body Love, The Speaking Empire, The Junior League, many Chamber of Commerce Events, Rotary Club, national-level Beauty Pageants, Golf Tournaments, Awards Dinners, Casino Nights and much more.




    Shelley is also one of the few women in the world who is a certified “PRESENTAINER” with the 7-figure Speaking Empire with Dave Vanhoose and Marketing Magician, Dustin Matthews.  She is clearly a speak-to-sell Speaker who knows how to CONVERT the audience and get them INSPIRED to take the NEXT STEP; without being SALES-ey….



    She has shared the stage with some of the greats such as Dave Vanhoose, Kevin Harrington, Dustin Matthews, Bob Burg, Iman Khan, Afrin Khan, Colin Sprake, Dr. Laurel Geise, Howard Berg, Nancy Matthews, Trish Carr, Rita Davenport, Sharon Lechter, Mara Glazer, Suzanne Evans, Jessica Brace, Kenny Gregg, Dr. Yvonne Oswald, Dr. Linell King, Michelle Villalobos, Sharon Wacks, Marcella Shearer, Caleb Sessions, Dutch Mendenhall, John Racine, Croix Slather, Brent Attaway, Dave Seymour, Dr. Anastasia Chopelas, Dr. Angelika Christie, Mary Wong, Dr. Emma Jean Thompson, Dr. Gayle Carson, Ginger Martin,

    Dr. Lanaless Sam, Dr. Karen Perkins, Dr. Ron Eccles, Ferlie Almonte, Sonia Garcia, Wendy Stevens, Jan Gaynor, Vicky Townsend, Ted Miller III,  Amanda Holmes, Lee Phillips, Margaret Kim, Maria Whalen, Suresh May, Miroslav Beck, Karen Allene-Means, Johnny Reagan, Péron Van Stralen, Sam Bell, Steve “Hurricane” Weiss, Valery Morozov, Joe Cross, Billie Bowe, Jocelyn Jones, Elmo Lopez, Mitch Mitchell, Johnny Fitzgibbon, Michele Scism, Jena Rodriguez, Laurie Dupar, Belanie Dishong, Delvin Joyce, April Iannazone, Abigail Thiefenthaller, Joyce Brown, Nancy Eichler, Paul Taubman, Carol Morgan and many more.


    Make Your "mess"

    Your MESSAGE!

    "Shelley must have been a comedienne in a past life.  She kept us on our toes!"

    Shelley Mitchell is a very high-energy, HUMOROUS, engaging speaker who uses the philosophy of “Make Your Mess Your Message” with stories of hardship, combat experience, over 100 lb. Weight loss, financial loss and being a passionate entrepreneur.  She is also a single mom of a troubled teen who went on to become a published author, speaker, and entrepreneur, where both of them experienced grief, loss, and diagnosis of LD’s such as ADHD.  Her message, as designed, continues to inspire all audiences to get back their “hope” and to take action to move forward to better their lives.



    Upcoming Training

    Check Out Some Of Shelley's Upcoming Events By Clicking Here





    Also, unlike MOST EMCEES, Shelley has that “personal & first-hand experience” of knowing exactly how to:


      • Plan, Create, and FILL an Event!
      • Creating the emotional “EXPERIENCE” at an event as well as creating the right schedule and plan that fosters your greatest success
      • Manage events and quickly handle all the potential misfortunes that can come up
      • Knowledgeably partner and work directly with the AV team
      • Increase SOCIAL MEDIA promotion and attendee interaction
      • Upgrade VIPS on site when necessary
      • Inspire and Excite the audience, planned or IMPROMPTU, during lull-times, schedule conflicts, last minutes changes and more… all warding off potential disasters that could impact your event
      • Provide personalized and entertaining introductions of speakers, segments and topics.
      • Impart Housekeeping with humor and enthusiasm
      • Engage the audience to really listen to your message!
      • Open the event each day in a fun, upbeat, and highly interactive manner.
      • Maintain a dynamic and engaging flow and pace to the activities and agenda.
      • Sustain audience involvement and interactivity.
      • Do the homework on your company, speakers, messaging, etc. Simply put: She will be prepared. (she is not just the emcee, she is ON YOUR TEAM & your biggest cheerleader)
      • Monitor and adjust the event’s mood and pace with a variety of humor, audience interaction, and stories …whatever it takes.
      • Stay flexible and can enhance any activity as the event moves from presenters to panels, to awards, or other events like golf outings, etc.
      • Identify and pin-point potential “buyers” in the audience all the while and most importantly…

      … making EVERY SINGLE ATTENDEE feel special and leave having an incredible experience that is remembered by all for years to come.



      Extra Touches & Services

      Additionally, where necessary, Shelley can act as the overall HOSTESS for the pre-event, during-event, Masterminds and Brainstorming sessions, VIP meals / cocktail parties/ pre-sales luncheons / new sales gatherings and much more.

      Shelley is also available to speak on business training topics either as a planned educational session, to sell YOUR product or even IMPROMPTU when a speaker fill-in may be necessary.

      Pre-event Promotion is also available to her list, live and recorded webinars, social media and word of mouth. Event, Sales and Business Growth Coaching & Consulting is also available.




      Corporate Events, Theme Parties, Benefit Dinners, Award Ceremonies, Charity Events, Auctions, Concerts, Private parties, fashion shows, and much more!



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