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You don’t have to have ADHD to be a PROCRASTINATOR or to be constantly DISTRACTED from what’s most important in your business and your life.

In my many years of being a Business Growth Coach and Training (& a certified ADHD Coach), I find that PROCRASTINATION attacks all business owners and entrepreneurs at one time or another. And for some of you, it can be an every-day up-hill battle…

Here’s my very simple breakdown – OR- A. C. T. I. O. N. PLAN I personally use for myself and my private clients to get unstuck and to KICK PROCRASTINATION to the curb forever!

The best part is… YOU CAN START TODAY! and you will love the part about the OREOS 🙂

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The Procrastinator’s Action Plan

by Shelley Mitchell
Step 1 – ACKNOWLEDGE exactly what it is that you have been putting off through procrastination and what is the big payoff for doing it or the COST of not doing it.

What is the task?  So many of my new clients who come to me have been putting off doing their taxes, sometimes for YEARS!  Often times, they are even supposed to be getting a refund but they keep putting it off.

Don’t try to figure out WHY or what causes your procrastination just yet. But do ACKNOWLEDGE what you need to do and WHY “you” need to do it.

P.S. The late taxes is very common in those with ADHD traits 🙂 so if you think you are alone, you are not!


Step 2 – CLARIFY WHY completing the project or the pending task(s) will help you. In the spirit of using “filing your taxes” as the example here, ask yourself what is the BENEFIT or big payoff to you personally and to your family for getting it done.

Ask “what is the benefit or the payoff” then write down what you will do with the results of completing the project. For example, if you have a refund coming, write down what you will do with the money specifically. If not, how will completing this free you up to do something else or release “stress” from your life.

In my Passion To Profits Planner Program, all these “PENDING” items in our life and business are called “TOLERATIONS” and we all have a long list of them. Due to procrastination, most of us have a list of these that continue to pile up and while each one individually isn’t such a big deal, the list itself of pending items literally weighs us down and prevents us from the important stuff such as losing weight or eating healthy or keeping our home organized or even being in a great intimate relationship with our significant other.


Step 3 – TASK it out and use a TIMER to get through procrastination. Make a list of tasks you need to do for a larger pending item or “project”.  Here’s why…

“PROJECTS” do not go on your calendar or your to-do list because they are not “check-off-able”. (yes, my made-up word) If something on your to-do list isn’t a check-off-able, then our brains will put it off and procrastination sets in, simply because our brain doesn’t know HOW to get started nor can it envision how it will get done (or checked-off).    With taxes as the same example, make a list of those tasks you can “check off” such as:

  1. Put all statements and receipts in one place;
  2. Label folders with all of the necessary categories to sort receipts… (don’t know what they are? then #2 would be “Confirm with my Business Coach what categories in which I need to sort my expenses and income),
  3. Sort receipts and statements for 20 minutes and use a timer.
  4. and so on…

Note: I like setting a timer for tasks when I don’t really know how long they will take so I have an “ending” no matter what. Plus, I know I can stay FOCUSED and pretty much do ANYTHING for 20 minutes without getting distracted! (most people can if they set a timer) but if I tried it for 3 hours, that probably wouldn’t work out well.  Doing something for a specific amount of time rather than an ending result is a great quick fix for PROCRASTINATION.


Step 4 – IMPLEMENT! Yes, get started and get started now. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE…

Put it in your calendar to work this for 1 hour or even just 20 minutes or just ONE CHECK-OFF-ABLE task at a time. (don’t forget to set a timer) In the Ultimate Planning System: Passion To Profit Planner Program, we teach you how to energetically-align all of your tasks so that it FLOWS with your business and your life so we can find the room in our schedules to work on those PENDING items, “tolerations” list and to take 1 more step towards your LONG terms goals.


Step 5 – OVERTHROW YOUR OREOS 🙂 This is my favorite way of explaining DISTRACTIONS and how to overcome them.

Here’s the deal… If I hired a Health Coach to help me kick sugar or lose weight, spending the money, working with an expert and making the commitment would make it a lot easier. However, there comes that time in the day, usually around midnight that I can almost literally hear the leftover OREOS in the panty calling my name…. “Shelllllllley, I’m in here. Please come and get meeeee” and then boom, all my efforts were sabotaged in one feel swoop.

With my “OREOS IN THE PANTRY” process, we recognize what gets in your way and/or continues to sabotage your efforts and keeps us playing small. In this case, we would do the work to identify the Oreos and then eliminate them. Overthrow the Oreos or whatever it is that keeps getting in your way.

Sometimes, it’s as simple as changing the time of day you are trying to sort your receipts so that it flows with your circadian rhythm (human energy clock) so you can stay FOCUSED. We teach our clients about this rhythm and human energy clock in the Passion To Profits Planner Program so they can readjust their calendars as to when they are doing things that they weren’t as successful as they’d like to be in the past.



How can you set a timer if you are multi-tasking? People often brag about multi-tasking but the fact of the matter is that they are simply working on multiple “projects” at one time, ONE TASK AT A TIME.  Multi-tasking is not a solution for procrastination.

DID YOU KNOW… The average person needs to 15 minutes transition time to resume back to the task they were originally doing when they got interrupted or started doing something else.

Some examples of this are “Answering the phone or stopping to chat with someone while you are sorting your receipts” – OR – “Checking your email while you are supposed to be on a webinar implementing something important.”

I personally “TIME BLOCK” everything I do to stay focused.  If I allow Dan or anyone else to interrupt me, it takes me 15 minutes to transition back FULLY to the prior task.

I don’t know about you but I have ADHD!

So that means, it took me 15 minutes to transition back to another task (here’s the ADHD part… “and another 15 minutes to realize it wasn’t the original task I was doing to begin with!”) Unfortunately, I probably already spent 15 more minutes doing the new task and then had to take 15 more minutes transitioning back to the old task. So in my mind, I kept doing the new task to save time and unless I re-block it out, the old task was forgotten until I remembered in the middle of the night or 2 days later. Arghhhhhh. Who can relate to my PAIN?

So you may LOOK busy and productive and you may brag about multi-tasking but your list of “tolerations” is getting longer and longer, you aren’t focused on the right things that make more money in your business and you are exhausted at the end of the day… WONDERING WHY you worked so hard and not much really got accomplished…

Sound familiar?

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Shelley Mitchell - six figure focus formulaAbout The Author

Shelley Mitchell is one of the FIRST 77 women in the U.S. military who has earned TWO Combat Patches and selected as Cosmopolitan Magazine’s very first “Fun Fearless Female.”

She served in Panama and the first Gulf War and is now a Disabled Combat Veteran and former Army Sargent. She went on to spend 23 years in the corporate world growing and running multi-million dollar companies for other organizations.

Today, Shelley Mitchell is the CEO of My Personal Business Coach and an Award-Winning Speaker, Business Growth & Leadership Trainer / ADHD Coach and Author of several books including the forthcoming compilation book “God Didn’t Put You Here To Be Broke.”

Shelley is the creator of the “6-figure & beyond FOCUS formula” and helps smart, driven, creative entrepreneurs FOCUS on the right things to position themselves as the expert authority in their industry, make more money and have the FREEDOM they deserve.

Through her unique process and FOCUSED SYSTEMS for real-world business, her clients embrace their unique brain-styles, gifts, and talents turning them into passionate and PROFITABLE businesses. She truly believes in the magic of speaking and MAKING YOUR MESS YOUR MESSAGE to become the sought-after authority in your industry, make a bigger impact and attract your ideal clients. Through her teachings, signature programs, and private clients work, she works with business owners to position themselves to do the same utilizing her unique marketing process. She is well-known for being that coach who is always “in the trenches” with her clients.

You can DISCOVER more about her and her teachings at http://www.mypersonalbusinesscoach.com