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Overwhelm! I’m so Overwhelmed in my business! Please Help!

<p>Shelley Mitchell is one of the FIRST 77 women in our country with TWO Combat Patches and Cosmopolitan Magazine’s First Fun Fearless Female, selected by and mentored by Helen Gurley Brown, Editor in Chief. Shelley served in Panama and the first Gulf War and is now a Disabled Veteran and
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So you want to hire an Emcee?     Hiring the “right” Emcee can be quite challenging and even considered “optional” in many budgetary processes. This mistake is usually only made once and is typically made by first-time event planners and event holders.         WHY DO YOU
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Overwhelm is one of the biggest killers of FOCUS and Productivity in our lives. 

If you are a business owner and entrepreneur or even have ADHD or ADHD’ish traits, then overwhelm is financially hazardous to your health and it can paralyze you, your business and your bank account!

When I first meet potential clients, I always ask what their biggest challenge. The majority fo the time, the answers I get are almost exactly the same.  They say “Focus”, “I just can’t stay focused”.

Then when I ask “why” or “what do you think is getting in your way?”, the most common response is then “I’m so Overwhelmed in my business!”, “I’m stuck”,  “I don’t know what to do next”…  “Can you please help?”

Overwhelm in business - Shelley Mitchell - My Personal Business Coach

Whether you have ADHD, ADD or are quite the opposite, most smart, driven and creative-types have an incessant need to overstuff our brains and our plates until it spills over into a mess.

The SOLUTION to what I call “the FULL-PLATE Syndrome” and what is causing your OVERWHELM is actually very simple.  The answer is to find your unique FOCUS formula.  

Well, I didn’t say it would be easy but it is SIMPLE.

After years of research and helping my VIP clients and many many hours going through ADHD Coaching school and working with ADHD clients, and becoming the “queen of FOCUS”, I have taken what truly works and put it into a very simple-to-follow formula proven to work for even the most “unique” brain-style that struggles with lack of FOCUS, procrastination, distractions and more.  The proof is in the pudding.   

As long as someone utilizes the the strategies and implements the process according to the formula, it is GUARANTEED to work better to find your FOCUS more than any other system you’ve ever tried in the past.  Heck if it can work for ME, it will work for anyone.  And it’s all part of our 6figure & beyond FOCUS formula and I actually share how this actual formula works in this quick 10-minute audio training.  (no opt in necessary 🙂)

**Check out this quick 10-minute audio training (or audio blog) on how you can STOP this SPINNING, create your own FOCUS formula and kick overwhelm to the curb.**  Just hit PLAY below and listen now…



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