MLK Martin Luther King Day – We Are NOT Equal!

MLK Martin Luther King Day – We Are NOT Equal!

For the older ignorant people still alive today, I want to remind you that TODAY, MLK Martin Luther King Day, is NOT a “black or white” thing and the post office or the VA Medical Center is not “closed” today just because thMLK Martin Luther King Day - Shelley Mitchell - My Personal Business Coachey need or want another day off!

I know I’m A Business Coach and I typically write about real-world business success and tips, ADHD and being a single mom entrepreneur raising an entrepreneur teen son but I thought TODAY and the thought behind it is important enough to write about.  So if you will please honor me in reading this, I know you will understand just WHY I needed to write it.

Just like many holidays we celebrate, today, MLK Martin Luther King Day, holds a day in the history of IMPORTANCE and a call for CHANGE.

It’s when a man, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., in 1963 had a dream of all of us being “ONE,” all of us being “EQUAL” with peace and wise, thoughtful, leadership.

Well, 54 years later, WE ARE NOT EQUAL!


Did you know that the number one person who dies of a gunshot is a 25-year-old BLACK MALE?

Yes, I remember the day I got the call that my sister, Jaclyn Mitchell’s, boyfriend/ high school sweetheart Bernard was killed). He was shot down & killed in HER CAR which was riddled with bullets as he was followed home from a club in San Antonio, Texas, by two other guys. (not ALABAMA or Mississippi!). After being shot MULTIPLE times, he crawled out of the car and crawled a few feet to a neighborhood stop sign, where he died never being able to call for help. BTW, the killers were never caught, the car was totaled because it had SO MANY bullet holes in it and it turned out the killers were looking for someone else who thought was with Bernard.

54 years later on MLK Martin Luther King Day – We Are NOT Equal!

Did you know that WOMEN on average still make .78 cents to a MANS dollar? (and today, it’s mainly because we don’t ASK for it?)

I worked my a$$ off in corporate and in 23 short years, I finally worked all the way to being VICE PRESIDENT of Operations for a Property Management and Real Estate Development company making 6 figures. It wasn’t until I started my OWN business – My Personal Business Coach,  was my PAY ever equal to a man in the same role.  They usually made much more doing the exact same or lesser of a job.

Nancy Whalen Eichler, The Vice President of Brownie Brittle spoke about this during her talk at our high-level women’s networking group last year, C.O.I. – Centers of Influence Women’s Networking.

54 years later on MLK Martin Luther King Day – We Are NOT Equal!


Then we, the geniuses, came up with Affirmative Action with not much “wise” thought put into it…

Affirmative Action, created with great purpose and intention, caused my husband at the time, Anthony Tony Sessions, who spent 17 years active duty serving in the US ARMY, to never attain his dream of being a Chief Warrant Officer and fly Apache helicopters. He had the highest qualifications and highest test scores in the entire country of Korea in the U.S. Army and his applications continue to be returned to him MARKED “Highly-Qualified, Non-Select”. I had to watch him cry as he continued to apply 3-times but was rejected because he was a white male and Affirmative Action called for the Army to fill the 2 remaining spots SPECIFICALLY with an African American and a Woman. The positions were left UNFILLED because they didn’t have the applicants who fit into the affirmative action guidelines. Tony died at 37 feeling rejected and never reaching his goal and our son, Caleb Sessions, was only 12 years old when he lost his dad.

54 years later on MLK Martin Luther King Day, – WE ARE NOT EQUAL!BG BGX


WE ALL SUFFER from inequality! NO ONE WINS!

Today, MLK Martin Luther King Day is a day for deep thought and service. What are WE doing together to create EQUALITY through PEACE & not violence?

And please consider what we are intentionally or subconsciously doing that is still creating this disparate divide?

BCBBBTODAY’S HISTORY, MLK Martin Luther King Day, happened in 1963 and he then went on to lead the march from Selma to Montgomery in March 1965 in the same town I lived in when I was BORN 🙂 Yup, I lived in Selma, Alabama from 1969 – 1971 then moved to Laredo, Texas. I’ve driven over this bridge a hundred times and much of my family still lives in Selma.


WE ALL SUFFER from inequality! NO ONE WINS!

Please find YOUR PLACE in service for today, MLK Martin Luther King Day, and going forward. Do something to add more value of equality and peace to our country.  What can you do to ensure we are all “ONE.”?

Martin Luther King gave his life for his dream…
WHAT ARE YOU WILLING TO DO FOR YOUR DREAM?  (especially if you are an entrepreneur or business owner)

Please read>>>  I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal. – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

HAPPY MLK DAY and please think about what today REALLY means to you.

You can LISTEN to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s speech at the link below which created MLK Martin Luther King Day.]

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