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MINDSET CHALLENGE – The 2 Mindsets You Know About and 1 Most Of Us Wish We Had

MINDSET CHALLENGE – The Two Mindsets You Know About and the One Most Of Us Wish We Had!

Mindset – There are three types of “mindsets” and most people only know of TWO.  take the mindset challenge

Have you ever wondered what determines whether you become the person you want to be and whether you accomplish the things that you value?

The belief or thought that the outcome of something is carved in stone or “just the way it is”, or determined by “the rules” is called the “fixed mindset.” Sounds basic but check this out…

Society teaches us that we must look smart, we must be valuable to others including society; we should want to be accepted by our friends or peers and of course, we all want to be a winner. Also, if you were told you had a high IQ at an early age, you would have a fixed mindset that you MUST get good grades or…. __(fill in the blank)_____


WE ALL HAVE IT!  This “fixed” mindset creates an urgency for you to prove yourself over and over again. Unfortunately, this is exhausting.

Here’s a PERSONAL EXAMPLE… Even though I was told at an early age that I had a high IQ, I’m also a woman, and I’ve always been at least 20 lbs overweight. My “fixed” mindset led me to believe that to be SUCCESSFUL; I would need to work TWICE AS HARD as a man or a thin, beautiful woman who was equally as smart to achieve my goals.

Can you guess what that got me? Yep, it got me EXHAUSTION and a lot of struggle and overwhelm in my life! And I won’t even go into what that mindset did to me in the relationship department…

Being an expert in my industry, a Coach, a nationally-recognized speaker, etc… I’m really involved and “educated” in the personal development world so I’m surrounded by people who think they DO NOT have a “fixed mindset” and who are POSITIVE they have a POSITIVE MINDSET.

Even those of us who think we aren’t here are unknowingly stuck in a “fixed mindset” because we are truly trying to convince ourselves we are holding a Royal Flush or 4 Aces when we are secretly worried we only have a pair of tens… Sound familiar?


Then there is the “growth mindset” which is based on the belief that your best qualities are things you can cultivate through your efforts, that you have initial talents, aptitudes, interests and skills, but the growth mindset assumes most people can change and grow through application and experience.

I would say if you are reading this, you would probably fall into this category, right?


Recently, I learned of a third, very rare mindset called the “Extraordinary Mindset.” On rare occasion, someone will be blessed with this where they have actually changed the definition of significance and the impact of failure.  This type of mindset is typically discovered at an early age.

How can someone change the deepest meaning of effort? Well, you see this play out in school sports, in the workplace, and in relationships.

Not only do they believe in effort, resilience in the face of setbacks, and greater success which is much more creative; those with an “Extraordinary Mindset” LOVE a challenge.

A PROBLEM or setback is not a PROBLEM but rather is a new opportunity to learn and grow.

If you have a Growth Mindset, you probably believe “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” or “Rome wasn’t built in a day” so when you fall down or encounter a problem, you are a survivor, and you will get back up and keep going. I fit into this category most of the time.

People with a Fixed Mindset often believe “nothing ventured, is nothing lost” and “if you don’t succeed at first, then you probably don’t have the ability (or money, or time, or resources) to accomplish it.”   They will usually move on to something else at that point.

I see a lot of business owners (who typically THINK they are of a “GROWTH MINDSET” do this as they are continuously looking for a magic pill.  This causes the struggle with doing anything consistently and the ability to stay FOCUSED.  (we will be learning how to overcome this in my  new program “Passion To Profits – The Ultimate Planning System”.)  You can learn more by joining our intensive Master Class here. 

The Ultimate Planning Systemn - mindset

So basically, RISK & EFFORT are the two things that might reveal your inadequacies and show that you were not up to the task.

So here is the CHALLENGE!

I challenge you to GO DEEP and introspect by answering these questions and sending your answers to me PRIVATELY via email.

Based on what I see, there will be very few people who will take this step. Most will not even read to the end of the blog, and many will “intend” to play but then procrastinate and won’t do it.


Of all the people who answer the questions below and send to me in a PRIVATE EMAIL to mailto:shelley@mypersonalbusinesscoach.com

SUBJECT MUST BE “MINDSET” (so I can find it) will go into a drawing and I will choose at random…


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So here are the questions… (QUESTIONS IN BLUE) Just COPY/PASTE in a private email WITH YOUR REAL ANSWERS and email to me at shelley@mypersonalbusinesscoach.com




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  • So what are some things that you have RISKED in the past but did not put towards the consistent effort?
  • And what are some things that you put in CONSISTENT EFFORT, but really had nothing at risk?

People who have Fixed Mindset, believe that there should be magic pills and do not believe in effort.  challenge

In the Growth Mindset, people look at challenges as obstacles that they will not quit and definitely overcome. The fixed non-growth mindset looks at challenges as obstacles and try to get around them or just quit as there is just there too much work or it might be impossible.

A very small percentage of people that have the “extraordinary mindset” look at challenges, problems and obstacles as something exciting that they can learn from and grow from that will set them on the right path as they’re continuing to grow. They WANT to be challenged.

  • Which one are you? (be honest)
  • and WHY?

Answer these questions to see which minds that you have. Read each statement and decide whether you mostly agree with it or disagree with that.

  1. You’re intelligent, but there are a few very basic things about you that you can’t change very much. AGREE/ or DISAGREE?
  2. You can learn new things, but you can’t really change how intelligent you are. AGREE/ or DISAGREE?
  3. No matter how much intelligence you have, you can always change it quite a bit. AGREE/ or DISAGREE?
  4. You can always substantially change how intelligent you are. AGREE/ or DISAGREE?

No, most people going towards one or the other but you can have a mixture, and there’s nothing wrong with that. We all have beliefs about her abilities such as having artistic talent or sports ability or business skill for intelligence. Personally, I don’t feel like I have any sports ability, but my business skills and intelligence are very high. I look forward to challenges in those areas, but if you put a challenge in a sports area in front of me, I will run the other way.

  • Write down the number one thing that you think you are most gifted in and have a great ability and that you love a challenge in.
  • And write down the number one thing that you feel you have a lack of ability and-and you really don’t want a challenge in that situation.
  • Now write down how any of this correlates to your ability to manage your time, have greater productivity, and have a balanced schedule and life. What are your gifts? What are your weaknesses?

It’s not only your abilities that control this but your personal qualities as well. Good Luck and thank you for playing FULL OUT!  YOU ROCK!


Shelley Mitchell



The new information cited in this blog comes from an amazing book I’ve been reading and studying as we will be incorporating it in the new planner program AND will be doing a book study with my private mastermind.  I learned of this book as it was a part of my son’s personal development plan with his sales advisor position with Fortune Builders!  It has been very enlightening and I highly recommend it.