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Networking – Why I Hate Networking & 2 Tricks I Play On Myself To Make It Worthwhile!

By Shelley Mitchell

Networking is a necessary-evil when you are a business owner and entrepreneur. I know I need to do it so I can “meet the right people”, “position myself as an expert”, “learn updated strategies and tactics” and so on… so why do I procrastinate so much in getting myself out there to a networking meeting?

Check out my quick 5 min. video to see

WHY I HATE NETWORKING and learn my 2 top ninja tactics I teach my clients that makes it all worth it!)

First, most networking meetings, lunches, events, happy hours, etc., drive me crazy because I know they DO NOT HAVE TO BE THIS PAINFUL!

One of my favorite things to do, which is  a large part of my business model, is SPEAKING.

Because of this, I will rarely be seen or found at a networking group as an “attendee”.

When I do get out there to “network”, I’m usually the main SPEAKER, supporting a friend’s group, having my OWN EVENT, am part of the team, or I’m supporting a private VIP client because they are speaking and so on.

(if you are part of group looking for a great speaker to engage your audience  AND give them great real-world content and strategies without all the fluff, then please contact me 🙂

But what about when someone asks me to “attend” or there is a new group I just KNOW I should check out or a great topic coming up I’m in interested in?

Well, IHello, My Name Is High Maintenance put it on my calendar but then… SOMETHING seems to always get in the way!

It’s because I really do hate networking!

Yes, I know that’s a harsh word but allow me to explain.



I hear these complaints all the time from potential clients about networking.  Check off how many times YOU have thought or said these:

  • “I went to that network and I didn’t get anything out it!”
  • “I don’t have time to go out and network!”
  • “No one cares about my business, I just meet people who are desperate to sell me their own stuff!”
  • “I gave out # business cards and no one called me!”
  • “It seemed okay but the people were cliquish and it was hard to meet people!”
  • “We had the same ol’ chicken dish, the speaker was boring and they just keep trying to sell me stuff!”
  • Fill in the blank with your own “___________________________”!


networking - bad networking - hello my name isOUCH! With those lackluster results, I’d complain too!

I’ve been a LEADER of many groups and organizations of all kinds, was the youngest Rotarian in the country and one time, have grown a local chapter to the largest in the world, have partnered in another unique networking group, have sat on many national boards and committees and currently, and I am even in the middle of a LAUNCH of our very own brand new, high-level women’s networking organization as I write this.  Because of this, I KNOW FOR A FACT that NETWORKING doesn’t have to be this painful. (click here to find out more about C.O.I. – Center of Influence Women’s Network)

What would it be like if you could have everything you wanted in a network and nothing you didn’t want? And how would that help your business or career?


So check out my quick 5 minute video to see WHY I HATE NETWORKING and learn my 2 top ninja tactics I teach my clients and I use personally… that makes networking all worth it!)

and DON’T FORGET TO POST YOUR COMMENTS DOWN BELOW!  I’d love to hear from you what you BIGGEST CHALLENGES are with networking and some top tactics you use as well.

Isn’t it time you found a way to connect with your ideal client in an authentic way where you can be yourself and not get exhausted trying to sort through all the b.s.?

Watch this quick video for networking tips

Watch this quick video for networking tips


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