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5 Secrets on HOW TO STAY FOCUSED & what to FOCUS on!

so you can actually reach your goals, stop being exhausted and MAKE MORE MONEY!

Do you feel like that you sometimes just NEED A BUTT KICKIN’ in your business just to STAY FOCUSED and get you in motion to reaching your goals?

What if you had a DRILL SARGENT keeping you on task?  Oh boy…..

In honor of ADHD Awareness Month, check out this new blog if you are ready to DISCOVER:

  • What to STAY FOCUSED on and
  • HOW TO MAKE MORE MONEY in your Business!

I hear these CHALLENGES often!

People tell me all the time “I know what I SHOULD BE doing, but I just don’t do it”!   

Well, this blog is for YOU and so is the possibility of working with us to take your business to the next level.

I’m a former Army Sargent and am told by my private clients that “I kick their butt with love” and that I “get into the trenches with them” to make sure they have the success they really want!

While I’ve even been criticized in past years by other alleged “coaches” for my very hands-on approach, with my private client, the test of TIME has told the TRUTH.  My company has over 85% retention ratio with my private clients year after year…  NO OTHER COACH or coaching program that I know of can say that!

But I TOTALLY GET IT!  I personally have ADHD and am a Mom of a Teen Entrepreneur SON with ADD as well.

So as you can imagine, STAYING FOCUSED was a huge problem for me in my business…, especially in the beginning.
I know this is a REAL problem and not a b.s. excuse.  But since I am also an ADHD Coach, I truly know what the REAL solutions are ☺

If you are anything like I was… so overwhelmed by the amount of things that I had to do. Or at least what I THOUGHT I had to do…  and worse, I was NOT making the money I truly wanted or deserved… ugh.

Did you know that 80% of entrepreneurs all experience this exact challenge!  (ADHD or NOT)

Most entrepreneurs are TOTALLY OVERWHELMED by the amount of things they have to do (or THINK they have to do… I make it easy), and worse, they are not making the MONEY they truly deserve.   (Hmmm, I really help with that part)

If you “need” to stay FOCUSED, the harder you try, the more IMPOSSIBLE it becomes!

So straight from the Drill Sargent, I’ve revamped my blog in honor of ADHD Awareness month and am sharing my PERSONAL STRATEGIES with you!

The Drill Sergeant is back!

Here’s the special FOCUS blog – just for you

…so you can actually reach your goals, stop being exhausted and

FOCUS Secret #1  –

Pick one, and only one!

Many of you have heard me say over and over again, “pick one for now”. When I was trying to decide my niche because I was good at many things, I was afraid to commit, and I didn’t know what to do.  A very clever coach once said to me, pick one “for now”.  When she said that, I was able to let emotionally everything else go and focus on what was really important to me and where I could be most effective.

You can’t chase two rabbits at the same time and expect to catch even one. You’ll end up with a handful of FUR, and that’s about it.


FOCUS Secret #2-

CLEAR THE DECK DAILY – The same philosophy above applies to everything you do including the small things on your to-do list and all of the different things that you are trying to do.

Pick one at a time and see it through. Make sure that you clear the deck every day and finish at least one thing completely. Start small at the beginning if you must but get something off of your plate each and every day.


FOCUS Secret #3  –

Do what you do well, do it over and over, and leave the rest up to someone else.

Even if you are like me when I was starting out; a single mom, trying to work my business at night while I worked a full-time job during the day and had no extra money to hire anyone or even get the systems I needed for my business… listen to me and listen to me carefully!

You can’t afford to do this on your own! If you are a solopreneur or just feel you are SHORT-STAFFED, the 2-4 hours you may have to pay someone to do some administrative stuff while you spend the only two hours you have left building your business and connecting with potential clients is worth it’s weight in gold.

”I can’t afford it” is NOT a valid excuse…  The only time an excuse for this is valid is ONLY if you NOT 100% committed to your business.

Think about it, are you committed? Really committed?


FOCUS Secret #4  –

Don’t get stuck in the plan!  Yes, I said it, I know I preach all day long about having a plan but what I see often is that those people who do plan, end up planning and planning and planning and planning… and never really “doing”.

Once you have a plan, get into ACTION!  And Stop waiting for perfect because it will never come.  Your plan will always evolve over time, but you will never know how to evolve it if you don’t actually start doing it. Take one step and then another and will see how quickly you get to Oz.


FOCUS Secret #5  –

SNAP BACK TO REALITY and realize that YOU are your biggest DISTRACTION!  …YOU are your biggest bottleneck, and YOU are your biggest challenge that you need to overcome.

There are no magic pills but even if there were one, it wouldn’t work unless you do.  We have so many DISTRACTIONS and bright and shiny objects flying out of all day long, but it’s our responsibility to stay focused on what is important and that everything we do is directly related to our PLAN.

If you find that you’re doing things that have nothing to do with your original plan or your vision, then you need to sit down with your Business Coach, re-focus, re-strategize and re-create your plan.

Remember, your plan will EVOLVE but changing your direction midday, midstream or in the middle of the turnpike, is going to get you run over.



Want more FOCUS Secrets?  –

I will be sharing more focused tips throughout the next few weeks with you, and I hope that these helped you.

For now, go ahead and print out the WEEKLY SUCCESS PLANNER.  It’s FREE for you and thousands of people have used this to GET FOCUSED, be more PRODUCTIVE and to make more MONEY in their business.

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