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Too many things to do? Here’s how I re-FOCUS (printable tool)

printable tool to re-FOCUS in your business

Are you overwhelmed by everything you NEED to get done in your business and, well, everything else?
Do you wish you had a fairy godmother who reminded you to GET BACK TO WORK or told you exactly WHAT TO FOCUS ON NEXT?
Being a single mom, having ADHD, traveling nationally to speak (every week for the last 5 weeks), running a FAST GROWING business coaching company with newly hired new team members…  Here is MY THOUGHT PROCESS that just went through my head at 840pm tonightright after my VIP client left!
HOLY $%^&, I have less than 24 hours to go shopping and get ready for Thanksgiving AND my baby is coming home tonight…. Oh no… Oh Yay… Oh Wait, where is he?  I haven’t heard from him all day?  Did I sent that contract out?  Did the new person check the voicemails today?  Has she checked them since last week? Darn, I haven’t even checked my emails today?  Why is Marley nudging me?  Did anyone feed her?  I’ll call someone in a minute to ask? Did money go in the bank today?  Oh wait, did I feed ME today?  I think I have a protein bar in one of my 3 half un-packed suitcases in my bedroom.   HMMM, I think I’ll send a blog since I have nothing else to do…. Now where is the contract for our new client? and that thought goes on and on and on… 
and that was just 5 minutes ago….
Does this sound familiar?
My new team member said she was feeling like she needed a way to PRIORITIZE her new duties so she could FOCUS.  (even though I THOUGH I expressed it to her multiple times…)
So I made up this TOOL real quick JUST FOR HER.  Thought I’d share it with you too!
JUST PRINT and stand or stick next to your computer as a REMINDER!
If you do it, you will make MORE MONEY guaranteed!  Sounds simple.  Well, it is.
We didn’t become a 6figure business in our first full year  and now multiple 6figures because I lacked FOCUS, that’s for sure.  It took a LOT of RE-direction as it still does every single day.
CONSTANT REMINDERS to FOCUS on the bottom line are the only way to do it so enjoy my home-ade tool.  (my graphic designer, Dawn Burke, is urked when I do this.  So for full disclosure, I made it, not her.  She is a professional.  I am NOT 🙂  My really bad and tired inner artist is taking over right now.
HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  Enjoy your family and this really is a good time to loose the keys (after you’ve gone to the grocery store, of course)
OPEN THIS and PRINT or just print the email for your tool.
Here is the link to the Weekly Success Planner,  it’s also a FREE GIFT.  https://mpbc.clickfunnels.com/weeklysuccessplanner
Ask Yourself Throughout The Day....Is this an IPA_

Ask Yourself Throughout The Day….Is this an IPA_