Did I offend you???

Did I Offend You???

Have you ever discovered or realized you offended someone and it was days, weeks, or months later. Surprised that you “offended” or hurt them by something you DID or something you said, either in person, through a text, or email like this one?

And YOU HAD NO IDEA you had done that?

I don’t know about you but it’s happened to me quite a few times during my lifetime, and it hurts every single time. I have an email list of over 10,000 people that I’ve built organically, and I still feel extremely hurt and take it personally when someone unsubscribes.

When I find out I OFFENDED someone, especially someone I really care about, it breaks my heart. I immediately try to fix it and sometimes we can screw it up even worse with impulsivity. I’ve never, ever, ever done it intentionally and depending on the person and the severity, I have broken down and cried when I discover I’ve offended someone.

What about you?

Unfortunately, this type of stuff can damage your relationships and even affect your CASH FLOW in your business and career.

Has someone ever told you that you “HAVE NO FILTER!”? (my son tells me this ALL THE TIME)

Whether you are totally ADHD or ADD ‘ish or a CREATIVE entrepreneur, a high-energy person, a “highly-spirited” extrovert, a Type-A Achiever personality, offending someone is bound to happen to all of us at one point in time.



Please tell me a story when this happened to you and how you SUCCESSFULLY HANDLED IT.

Everyone needs this. I’m putting a blog together with a few REAL-WORLD tips so please COMMENT BELOW and yes, even SHARE THIS with someone else. (I will HIDE you identity if you wish, just make sure you let me know 🙂

Ive always learned from the school-of-hard-knocks, my own personal experiences, and my experiences from working with hundreds of business clients on how you can RECOVER from this faux pas or CATASTROPHE. And with your help, we can bring awareness to preventing this from happening in the future.

Looking forward to you sharing and hearing your feedback 🙂


About The Author – Shelley Mitchell

Shelley Mitchell is one of the FIRST 77 women in our country with TWO Combat Patches and Cosmopolitan Magazines First Fun Fearless Female, selected by and mentored by Helen Gurley Brown, Editor in Chief. Shelley served in Panama and the first Gulf War and is now a Disabled Veteran and former Army Sargent.

Combat to COSMO to Corporate to COACH! Shelley Mitchell - My Personal Business Coach

As a Nationally–recognized and award winning Speaker, Certified Business and ADHD Coach, former Army Sergeant with 2 Combat Patches, and Cosmopolitan Magazines first Fun, Fearless, Female combined with being a passionate single mom of a Teen Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur with ADHD, and having over 25 years of very high level real-world business experience running multi-million dollar companies, this unique combination is what sets Shelley apart from any other coach, strategist or consultant you could ever work with.

Shelley has personally grown a multiple 6-figure businesses herself with an 85% + retention ratio of her private VIP clients year after year! Not only is FOCUSED on your SUCCESS but she helps you FOCUS to a 6-figure & beyond business.

Shelleys unique, dedicated, “tough love,” strength & gift-based approach of helping you achieve your goals is MUCH DIFFERENT than you will ever experience.

ADHD, ADD’ish traits or NOT, she has a much bigger toolbox to support you in achieving the SUCCESS and making the MONEY you truly deserve.

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