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Deborah Brown is a no-nonsense coach who empowers women to become fearless and limitless. In addition to being a Life & Executive Coach, she is a Speaker, Trainer and Author. Through her signature LEAP process and a passion for joyful living, she helps women take back or claim their personal and professional freedom and gain the confidence and peace of mind of authentic living. Deborah makes life an adventure, no matter how far from that you may feel.

Her Amazon best-selling book, "Get in the Game" which was co-authored with Kevin Harrington, a former "Shark" on the popular show Shark Tank, and Loral Langemeier, known as the "Millionaire Maker", is about improving your health, wealth, and lifestyle. Deborah highlights some key actions that need to be taken to stop playing small and get in the game.

Deborah surrounds herself with positive mentors and leaders who inspire her to keep increasing the level of her game.

Deborah works with clients to define and design their lives to incorporate their personal as well as professional aspirations. As a senior ranking consultant in the IT industry for 14 years, Deborah knows first-hand how difficult it can be to lose your spirit when you are not living as full a life as you desire. Deep down inside, she had the audacious idea that there was more to life! She knew that she wanted to be able to connect with and impact people on a more personal and meaningful level.

Her desperate desire for fulfillment impacting lives and witnessing so many other professionals experiencing challenges were the impetus and inspiration for creating her company, Optimal Leap, Inc., with the goal of giving them the supportive environment and the permission they need to design their life's vision... to be, do and have what they desire.

Today, Deborah coaches professionals, executives, companies and teams around the country and helps them LEAP to their BEST life!

As a Certified Professional Coach, Deborah sees so many situations where clients come to her because they are tired of living a disempowered life due to areas in their lives that are holding them back and keeping them small and constricted. They are living with fear, stress and anxiety over circumstances or situations that they have found themselves in and that seem insurmountable, common ones of which are:

  • Not being able to effectively relate to others
  • Lack of clarity around their careers and professional aspirations
  • Misery as a result of constantly comparing themselves to others
  • Actions, words and behaviors being dictated by others and their opinions
  • Feeling less than or like they are not good enough… low self-confidence, low self-esteem
  • Personal and/or professional relationships that are not healthy or lacking effective communication
  • Dealing with challenging relationships, both personally and professionally
  • Difficulty with self-expression and speaking their truth, both personally and professionally
  • Chronic people-pleasing and destructive selflessness
  • Not effectively coping with and managing life's transition and change
  • Trying to find balance between personal needs and the demands of a career
  • Ready to re-invent themselves and move on to the next chapter of their life but don't know how
  • And the list goes on…

As a seasoned certified Project Management Professional who managed high profile large-scale projects for Fortune 500 companies, Deborah now embraces the philosophy that quality of life and playing full out is the biggest and most important project there will ever be and she has a unique set of tools, combination of skills and experience to drive her clients’ lifevision to fruition and to the full life they desire.

The LEAP Circle is the premier online community for women to not only feel empowered but to also be bold and confident enough to make others in their circle be strong and unstoppable. The energy here is infectious and when these women walk into a room now they make other women feel empowered and inspire them to be more and that more comes from within themselves.

We are glad you decided to be more for not just yourself but for your own circle.

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