Speak! Sell! Serve!

Speak -Sell - Serve

Are you speaking your way OUT of getting new clients?

Are you ready to finally MAKE MONEY in your business?

Do you speak to networking groups with potential clients, have sales conversations, or even large group presentations – only to find that often, people either glaze over and give you a polite smile?

Or worse… are they HAPPY and love what you are saying after you have given them all of your information but are then unwilling to buy your product or service – resorting to, “I CAN’T AFFORD IT right now” – WTH!

How can it be this hard when you know that you have been given this GIFT to share with the rest of the world, and you can barely give it away?!

Being able to SPEAK, SELL and SERVE are the CORNERSTONES of successful businesses!

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Coming October 9, 2015

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Whether or not you want to be a professional speaker, you must be so clear on your message that you COMPEL your ideal client to want to PAY and contract you IMMEDIATELY! Otherwise, you will be a BROKE professional speaker or a STRUGGLING small business owner… Regardless of which, we know THAT is not why you took this risk to pursue your dream…

Win a free ticket and propel your business

What you say or do not say, as a business owner makes a BIG DIFFERENCE whether or not you get a new client or customer, or can even KEEP the ones you've GOT!

If You:

  • Are not clear on your target market and don't know how, or where to find your perfect, ideal client;
  • Do not know exactly what your perfect customer or client STRUGGLES with and cannot verbalize these struggles, pains, and challenges in THEIR OWN WORDS;
  • Cannot, in 30 seconds or less, explain and have someone completely understand WHAT YOU DO and HOW YOU HELP;
  • Are not confident that your message is CONSISTENT throughout your entire marketing campaign;
  • Can't show me your quick, 5 to 20 minute SIGNATURE TALK already prepared (that converts) at anytime, anyplace, and for anyone—then My Personal Business Coach, LLC is here for you!

Be at our Next LIVE! Speak Sell Serve

Coming October 9, 2015

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