Are you a BUSINESS OWNER, CEO or Entrepreneur who KNOWS that your IDEAS, when IMPLEMENTED, are destined to change the world???

Did you have a lemonade stand, sell Girl Scout cookies or have started other businesses since you were a kid…
simply because you wanted to feel valuable, you wanted to "matter" and wanted to serve others?

Do you have a current business that you KNOW could be doing SO MUCH MORE if you just knew "how" to get past all of road blocks?

Have you always known you were DESTINED to be an ENTREPRENEUR?


We are the VISIONARIES of the world!

Our IDEAS, when implemented, are what makes great CHANGES in the world.

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Our creative, passionate brains and hearts are what make the difference in people’s lives and often times, even leads to historical movements in time!

We were given gifts that we take for granted because they come so easily to us but others are not able to understand how we can even do those things so seamlessly.

March 27-29th, 2015

DESTINED! (the DESTINED entrepreneur) –
from lemonade stand to being the CEO of your business


You can be the CEO of your business, FOCUS on what’s really important and make the MONEY You Truly Deserve!

MAKING MONEY puts you in CHARGE and gives you the RESOURCE to make the DIFFERENCE in the world you were put here for!

But Wait!

As an adult, you may have struggled with one or more businesses… knowing it COULD BE much greater than it already is.

Did you KNOW…? Smart, Driven, Creative, Right brain Entrepreneurs often STRUGGLE with:

  • IMPLEMENTATION of their ideas,
  • Having difficulty FOCUSING or PRIORITIZING,
  • Being DISTRACTED by bright shiny objects,     look “squirrel”!)
  • Creating a PLAN
  • Follow-through and CONSISTENCY

All of these struggles are oftentimes endured throughout our entire lives, leaving us to never being able to IMPLEMENT our brilliant ideas in BUSINESS, career, relationships and our LIVES… Especially the ones we KNOW can make the IMPACT we were put on this to do.

We can even lose our spark; our passion; our CONFIDENCE…

These challenges resemble ADD’ish traits so much that we even joke about it – and some of us actually do have ADHD! (so does Sir Richard Branson and Will Smith so it’s ALL GOOOOD!)

If you are COMMITTED to your BUSINESS and being an entrepreneur (regardless of your age) and have a PASSION to share your gifts and strengths with your perfect ideal client then JOIN US FOR A LIFE & Business CHANGING EVENT this SPRING 2015 in South Florida!

March 27-29th, 2015

DESTINED! (the DESTINED entrepreneur) –
from lemonade stand to being the CEO of your business

You can be the CEO of your business, FOCUS on what’s really important and make the MONEY You Truly Deserve!

You are the DESTINED entrepreneur. This is YOUR TIME, this IS YOUR DESTINY!

Believe, FOCUS, Achieve!

JOIN US in South Florida this Spring 2015 for THE EVENT of the YEAR!

There are no Magic pills in business or for anything worth having in our lives. Having a viable, successful business only works if you do…

This amazing three day event is like NOTHING you’ve ever been to before!
We will provide you the BEST of the BEST!

  • Expert Speakers,
  • Panelists,
  • Resources,
  • Support,
  • Real ANSWERS,
  • Done-For-You Services, and
  • Access to all of the RESOURCES YOU NEED

(all in beautiful sunny South Florida) so you can

  • …stop spinning your wheels,
  • …stop the stress and overwhelm, and
  • …finally learn how to overcome all of the challenges you have had in your business and life.
It’s time to stop being tied to a business that is sucking the life out of you and allow you to finally go out and be the creative passionate entrepreneur who you truly are so you can serve others and make the money you truly deserve!

Shelley Mitchell, My Personal Business Coach & My Personal ADHD Coach
We are experts at working with the Smart, Driven, Creative Entrepreneur to help them get unstuck, unstressed, and out of overwhelm so they can Create a Plan, Focus on Priorities, Get into ACTION and Make the Money they Truly Deserve!

DESTINED! The DESTINED entrepreneur

Smart, Driven, & Creative – all of the Visionaries TOGETHER in One Place!


EXPERT and uber-successful SPEAKERS and Coaches who get it!


& share their stories (the GOOD, the Bad and the UGLY) on exactly HOW they did it!






Get the SUPPORT and ANSWERS you NEED to GROW Your Business & Get Things Done!


3 days of catapulting your growth and your INCOME!


3 Days that can take off months or YEARS of struggle to FINALLY have SUCCESS!


client testimonialsI was first "introduced" to Shelley and "My Personal Business Coach" through a networking group and followed her for some time. I signed up for several FREE webinar training’s which always provided such value. I took what I learned and put it into action. I even set my intention to win her List Building Program at a networking event and Oh yes, I won it! Then something was different, I imagine with me. I found a way to sign up for her "Get Your IPA On" class. I had no idea what I was in for. Shelley provided the practical tools to do the work.
I did the work and the results were exactly what she promised. By doing my IPA’s I put money into my bank account! I loved working with her so much, found a way and joined her Coaching Program and I already knew it is going to take me places I never imagined! Thank You Shelley, you have the knowledge and you have a way of kicking my butt, which I didn’t even realize I needed.

-Nina Obier – – The Leadership Liasion

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