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Does Your Business Need A “Spiritual Awakening” To Increase Cash Flow?

Is your business and cash flow in need of a “spiritual awakening”?

As A Matter of Fact, Your CASH FLOW IS Our Business!

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Is your business and cash flow in need of a “spiritual awakening”?

by Shelley Mitchell, CEO/ My Personal Business Coach, Nationally Recognized SPEAKER and Business Growth Expert


Say What??? So many people who have known me for a while are going to think that I have lost my mind writing on this topic.

Some may even say, “oh no, she is one of those…”

I’m very serious, though.

It’s already February 2016 and most entrepreneurs and business owners haven’t even made a DENT in their goals for this year and are in need of an awakening of SOMETHING!

I had a fascinating, unique and CHALLENGING childhood. As someone who was abused by a mother who was a very widely-known religious Pastor, who preached one thing and did another with her daughter and also being raised by my dad, I had a lot of conflicting spiritual messages.

In contrast to my “pastor mom”, my father was the fun, social butterfly, known and loved by everyone in the community as he was the concert promoter, the president of the Optimist Club, the wrestling match promoter, the owner of the radio and television station and the southern gentleman who gave to everyone but he was the “social alcoholic” (whatever the hell that means).

I was also born into the “business” world with both parents being entrepreneurs owning many companies/businesses (great ones and failed ones).

As I grew up, a roller coaster life was pretty ordinary for me. Faith and religion were unyielding in my home, and while never to be questioned, the holes for explanation were gaping.

No one ever pegged me as the “motherly type”. So interestingly enough, and as the universe has it, I became a mother who given the responsibility and honor of raising an empathic indigo child with ADHD.

With all of the mixed messages I was given by my religion, my parents and my life occurrences, I have almost been forced to go on my own spiritual journey my entire life, owning the FAITH that was drilled into me but also wondering how to fill the holes of unanswered questions. Religiously, I stayed on a straight path my entire life, not even reading horoscopes or allowing my child to watch Harry Potter movies.

But some very odd things started happening to me the last couple of years. I won’t go into those details in this blog, but I had to get very “intentional” about exploring and learning the “truth” to discover my purpose; which is the journey I’ve been on especially the last two years and as brought up by my “indigo” child. (who turns out to not be indigo at all:-)

I’ve learned a lot about myself and others, especially being a highly sought after business coach and also certified ADHD coach who has been fortunate enough to touch thousands thus far in their business growth and having hundreds of private clients, many who have had tremendous successes over and over again plus a few who have not reached their goals due to their own demise in which they are very clearly aware.

My Journey of Spiritual Awakening feels more like a clunk over the head with a bat but it has cleared the path for my true purpose and calling, similar to the one that many of my clients are on as well.

So, if you are ready to GROW your business to a new level but feel like you’ve tried everything and there’s always something that keeps “getting in your way,” check this out and see if you and your company and business is due for it’s “Spiritual Awakening.”

Question: Are you waiting for your situation to change (time, money, other job, people in your life..) before moving forward?

#1 – People will not change or grow until they want it more for themselves than you want it for them.

Regardless of what your trade is, but using myself as an example, I can give people the strategies, the perfect business plan, the business knowledge, Hell, I could even do it for them, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to take action, grow their business or even get a single client. When someone isn’t really ready, they struggle with consistency and focus more than anything.

Question: Have you spent money on other programs and coaches and are stuck now because you didn’t get the results with them you had hoped for?

#2 – Finding the right coach and mentor for your business does not have to be expensive or a lifetime commitment, it just has to be the RIGHT PERSON who knows how to get you where you want to go.

So on the contrary to #1, I’ve had people who hire me for a VIP day at a few thousand dollars, and that’s all they needed. They took off like a rocket ship, took action, put our plan in place and are continuously growing their business and getting new clients. One woman recently who is a financial planner told me she learned more from me in two weeks then she learned in her last coaching program that cost her close to 20,000 for a year program. She’s now in OUR C-Suite Mastermind program and consistently getting new clients each and every week.

Question: Have you spent a lot of money on things for your business but the results didn’t follow?

#3 – Money Buys Speed but spending money doesn’t fix anything!

I’ve had others who have spent thousands and didn’t budge. They had fun, but it took eight months before I could get them to move. One fought me on raising her prices by just $25. Another one worked for one of the world’s most recognized art and jewelry dealers for over 20 years but could not sell herself for pennies on the dollar.  (keep reading though…. it gets better)

Question: Are you looking for that ONE strategy or tactic that is going to turn things around?

#4 – There is no such thing as an OVERNIGHT SUCCESS!

There comes a time where the “clunk over the head” happens and it all magically changes almost overnight. Most importantly, I would not let them quit.

Both of them now are traveling all around the country serving other clients and making the money they deserve.

It’s still a journey but what happened? What’s the difference?

In my mind, they both or all had a spiritual awakening in their business.

Question: Are you open to knowing and doing what it REALLY TAKES to grow a 6-figure and beyond business?

#5 – There is only one REAL THING that gets in people’s way of having success!

They woke up and stopped making excuses.

In religion and the beginning or pre-spiritual journeys, we tend to blame things on the outside of us, and it’s not until we can seek within ourselves that we find our truth, that we find our spiritual awakening or our true purpose, true value, true calling. My 16-year indigo child had to be the one to show me this.

I recall as a young girl listening to my mom have deep conversations with other religious leaders as she has been a world-recognized religious leader herself her entire life.

From what I could hear, she was blaming Satanic families, Economies, and systems, the devil, Hell, she even blamed my dad for all of her problems, the problems of the church and the issues of the world.

Since I’ve been in business for myself full time the last few years after running large multimillion dollar businesses for other companies for over 25 years, I’ve been trying to build the right team. I have blamed team members or other people who have worked for me for stunting my growth, causing friction, causing a loss of a client or something/anything going wrong,

Indeed, some things happened that was due to actions or lack of action on their part, but I am the business owner. I am the CEO of my business just as I am the CEO of my life and just as I am the CEO of my own spiritual journey.

Blaming the Rothchilds, Buddhism, the Muslims, Christians, Jews, Wicca’s, The Devil, my friends, my environment, the economy, or even God for not having what I want or what I need or for losing those people who are important to me is never going to get me anywhere.

It’s not until I could “awaken” and look inside of myself for the changes I need to make, find the peace that I need in my life, see the truth in my relationships, see the truth in my clients and most importantly, to see the truth in myself will I finally have the GROWTH in my business that is part of my purpose.

Question: Are you ready to take DIFFERENT actions to get different results instead of working “harder” in the same way?

#6 – The same philosophy of spiritual awakening applies to our businesses as well.

You can blame your company, your products, your clients, your lack of systems, your lack of focus, your lack of money, your lack of a supportive spouse, you can even blame ADHD, and so on…

but until you have a spiritual awakening for your business and begin to look inside of yourself and take full responsibility for where you want to go, you will continue to get the exact same results you’ve always gotten.




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