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BNI, Chamber Of Commerce, Women’s Network? How To Choose The Best Network For Your Business

BNI?   Chamber of Commerce?   Women’s Networking? Trade or Industry Networking?   Breakfast Meetings? Lunch Groups?   Happy Hour Networking? Trade Shows?

So many choices, it’s no wonder why potential clients come to me totally overwhelmed and confused!

Trying to CHOOSE …

  • WHERE you should NETWORK with the “right” people,
  • WHO you should networking with so you can grow your career,
  • WHAT days and times are best to network (since you actually need time to get some work done and spend time with your family) or
  • HOW to network so you promote your business, career and actually meet some great connections to grow your influence and/or make an IMPACT,

… are some of the toughest decisions career-driven leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs have to make! (like BNI, Chamber of Commerce or even C.O.I. – Center Of Influence Women’s Network)

Today’s blog is a quick 5 minute video (#3 of the series) that explains the FOCUS FORMULA with the answers to these questions!

CLICK ON THE VIDEO and check it out and PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT ON MY BLOG… I’d love to hear your thoughts!

HAPPY NETWORKING, whether it’s BNI or not, and please don’t forget to leave your comments below.  We’d love to hear from you.

Did You Miss Video #1 and #2? 

You can still get them below with those NETWORKING STRATEGIES! of the Networking Series Blog (less than 5 minutes) for some of the tactics I used and should be part of your strategy. How many are you already doing?
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VIDEO #1 – Why We Hate Networking & 2 Tricks To Play That Makes It Worth It (my stories about BNI and others)

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