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Typically, "About" pages masquerade as extended "brag sheets" – leaving readers to wonder, "Um… so how does any of that help me?" While we could certainly go on and on about all that Shelley has accomplished, or the hundreds of clients she has helped, it would not be a true reflection of her heart.

The difference in working with Shelley as opposed to the many others crowding the field is that first; she takes her ego out of the equation and makes it ALL ABOUT YOU! Survey results from current and former small business clients all essentially say the same thing. When asked what they most appreciated about working with Shelley in particular, many mentioned her ability to help them FOCUS; develop a PLAN; double and triple their business revenue (and for some – grow their business far beyond anything they could ever imagine!) and more. However, the resounding response that surprised Shelley, for which she is most GRATEFUL and HONORED, was that "she truly cares" the most and will stop at nothing to ensure their SUCCESS.

Why Shelley Mitchell & My Personal Business Coach, LLC now?

  • You want to make a difference in people’s lives.
  • You want to spread your message and touch more people.
  • You are ready to make more money.
  • You know it is time to have the freedom that you want.

Shelley is a firm believer that it is not easy to run a small business or to be an entrepreneur and it is certainly very difficult to achieve and KEEP any level of success with ADHD. She also knows that "there is a better way" and it does not have to be this hard. Once you truly decide that you want to grow and to have success, Shelley can help! She is one of the few (not that we know of any others) who launched her business and grew it to six figures in the first full year! All without having "spare time," extra money or additional support… The "SYSTEMS" used at My Personal Business Coach, LLC is the one she created for herself and those who work with the unique brain wiring of smart, driven, creative entrepreneur (especially those with ADHD) – and are the systems she continues to refine every single day.

You, along with those who work with Shelley are confident knowing that they will:

  • Finally get clear on their direction and what you really, really want.
  • Discover the most profitable target market so they can make more money.
  • Learn exactly how to explain what they do, in a way that makes their perfect client want to hire them immediately.
  • Stop the guessing-game in their business and feel 100% certain that they know where they are going and where they can find the answers they need to get there.
  • Discover how to convert leads at speaking and sponsoring engagements – even when they are not selling anything!
  • Get a Step-By-Step Plan, called "Roadmap to Success!"

You can trust that Shelley Mitchell is not just some well-intentioned person who woke up one morning and decided to call herself a coach. She is confident that she can help, and here are a few reasons why:

  • Nationally certified and recognized speaker
  • ADD/ADHD trained and certified coach
  • Over 23 years running multi-million dollar businesses
  • Top 10% in sales and recruiting for multiple companies
  • Six-figure coaching practice in her first year

As you will often here her say, "Successful people learn from their own mistakes. However, really successful people learn from other people’s mistakes."

More than just words…

Shelley’s life experiences, circumstances, and commitment have brought her to this place. The journey has not been easy, but she will tell you that it was worth it. Shelley grew up with parents who were both entrepreneurs who had very little interest in her. The oldest of three kids growing up in Texas, one day she arrived home with a pocket full of money. After and a grueling interrogation by her mother, she explained how she had decided to dig up rocks, clean them, and sell them to their neighbors. She could not have made her parent more proud—finally, she had the attention she had craved for so long—she had a gift!

Her win was quickly followed by a loss, which would become a reoccurring pattern in Shelley’s life. As a young girl, she suffered abuse and had to testify against her mother in court. It is no surprised that they were later estranged, but she continued to be the apple of her father’s eye. As life would have it, Shelley flunked out of college because of undiagnosed ADHD and as many did, decided to join the armed forces, specifically, the Army. She went to war in Panama and Saudi Arabia. Before returning home, she was in an accident, suffered a severe neck injury, and became disabled. Forced to give up a position at the White House and retire from the military due to persistent pain, Shelley went into Mary Kay and immediately rose to the top 10% in sales. Although she married and later divorced, she and her then husband had a beautiful son and remained very close. As the "responsible mother" and in an effort to provide for her son, she took safe, reliable jobs, but her gift of selling set her on a path quickly catapulted her up the corporate ladder, becoming a vice president at the age of thirty-five.

Ironically, just as Shelley’s parents found it difficult to prioritize her because of their fierce work ethic, Shelley unconsciously did the exact same thing, missing all of the significant moments of her son’s childhood. When her son was diagnosed with ADD, but unable to take medication because he weighed 262 lbs. Shelley began to question whether there was something she could do differently. She also weighed 100 lbs. more than was healthy for her body type. Another pause for reflection came when her son’s dad died and Shelley lost her job all in the same month. As if those two events were not enough, one month later, February in Connecticut on an 18°C day, Shelley and her son returned home only to discover that they had been evicted. They were not permitted to get toiletries, clothing, or anything else; her son was twelve. Shelley had to make a change.

She and her son moved to Florida and Shelley found another "safe" position were she again began excelling very quickly. However, the death of her beloved father finally made Shelley stop and take inventory of her life. She committed to herself that she would live the life that she deserved.

Shelley quit her job and created a system that changed her life and is now changing the lives of others. For her, she had reached a moment where there were no other options. What you read on these pages are more than words and they are not hype. What you will find here is a real commitment to help you achieve your goals and live the life you want. Because Shelley has learned from her mistakes, she wants to help you avoid them. Coaching others to success is Shelley’s calling, her mission, and ministry—it is the purpose for which she was born.

In her own words…

"No matter what I did in my life, I always struggled with my weight, my relationships, and my career". Sticking to anything without giving up when the waters got choppy was almost impossible for me. I ended up extremely overweight and chose bad relationships because, "no good man would want a fat woman" – as my father would always say. What I knew for sure was that I was worthless. I felt that way when I became a Sergeant in the Army and had two combat patches. I felt that way when I graduated college with the highest GPA in my class. I also felt that way when I became the vice president of a company by age thirty-five. The funny thing is that despite having achieved all of that (I always knew how to get what I wanted), my BEHAVIORS, which were driven by my beliefs, always sabotaged my efforts in the end.

Every year of my life began with this need to "start over." It wasn’t until I met a life coach (and yes, I strongly believe that we all need a coach – especially if we are to be our best for ourselves, our loved ones, and our clients) who showed me what my "beliefs" were, and helped me get clear on what my real "why" was, that I could start SEEING and then CHANGING my behaviors. Only then I could I start making REAL CHANGES in my life! Through all of the work on my beliefs, I slowly began seeing my own value and could start making even greater changes in my life.

When we realize that what we truly lack in our lives is a clear VISION of what we truly want to accomplish, knowing the real reason WHY we want to accomplish it, and having GRATITUDE for what we have, the HOW just shows up… I know that when I first heard that, I thought it was corny and something "other people" said. Despite thinking it did not apply to me, I have learned that it is very true.

Good and bad choices are present every single day, but our behavior makes the difference. We all say we want certain things in our life, yet we have blamed a situation, or another person for our shortcomings. What I have come to realize – especially over the last few years, is that UNTIL we are able to get CLEAR on what it is that we, individually, really, really want, accept 100% responsibility, commit to doing the hard work and stick with it even when we most want to quit, and consistently change our behaviors – only then do we have a chance at living the lives we want.

"I still have a lot of work ahead of me. Today at a size 10, owning my own profitable company, having a loving, amazing son, getting to sleep next to the man of my dreams every night, and being blessed with a plethora of wonderful, supportive friends and amazing clients, it’s secretly still a challenge to not feel fat, ugly, unsuccessful, and worthless (thanks parents). Nevertheless, I have found my strengths and gifts, and I try to use them every day to improve my life and give back to the world to the best of my ability. I love my life and am so grateful for everything I have, every single day. I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams. If next year is even a tiny bit comparable to this year, it is going to be one heck of a ride and I cannot wait to see what God has in store for me. Will you allow me to help you achieve what He has in store for you?"

The "Real Deal!"

Shelley Mitchell is the president of My Personal Business Coach, LLC, and My Personal ADHD Coach, as well as the creator of the Right Brain Solution, a line of productivity tools designed for those creative individuals ready to take their businesses to the next level. She is also the co-author of More Ways to Succeed with ADHD and author of the forthcoming book series, How to Get & Keep What You Really, Really Want. Her genuine and sincere commitment to help others achieve their highest potential is a core value that directs everything she does—even as a mother, coach, consultant, speaker, trainer, author, and driven entrepreneur.

As a woman of many talents with a stellar success record of over 23 years starting and running small to multi-million dollar businesses, she understands how passion, drive, and commitment have made it possible to live her best life and how it has put her in a unique position, now allowing her to serve her clients in extraordinary ways. Her formal education, trainings, and certifications combined with her vast experience make her one of the most unique and top business consultants and coaches in the country.

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