About Shelley Mitchell & Small Business Coaching

Entrepreneurs, small business owners, managers, industry leaders, top executives, writers, creators, as well as business professionals in start-ups, direct sales, multi-level marketing, real estate, and property management all choose My Personal Business Coach, LLC for business coaching when they don’t know what to do next – or simply want to achieve their goals faster!

Our Ideal Clients:

  • Are smart, driven, and creative
  • Have integrity
  • Believe in taking action and are accountable
  • Possess a strong desire and passion to serve others and make a difference in this world
  • Appreciate that earning more money allows them to touch more people and magnify their impact

Do you share the same challenges our clients face? If you answer yes to more than three, we can help!
Do you:

  • Have a mile-long “To-Do List” that only gets longer?
  • Find that you are easily distracted, losing large chunks of time in your day?
  • Suffer from inconsistent execution and a lack of follow through?
  • Procrastinate despite the obvious harm it is reaping on your business and your life?
  • Constantly have difficulty prioritizing and maintaining your focus because everything is important?
  • Feel like you are stuck in “start-up” mode, unable to develop – or stick to a real plan?
  • Think it nearly impossible to find paying clients and monetize your efforts?
  • Spend money with no results or benefit to your bottom line?
  • Consider yourself to be living with a One-Sided Brain (left vs. right)?

We invite you to give us a few minutes of your time to see why our small business coaching programs can help you …

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