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7 Time Management Hacks Entrepreneurs Need Know To Avoid The Holiday Tailspin

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This is it!  The week of Christmas and all the last minute HOOPLA, overbearing traffic, traveling in-laws, long lines at the grocery store and if you are life me, all the teenagers are home from college.  The words “Time Management” are something to LOL at right now…  Time Management  feels like a joke this time of year.


If you are a Business Owner, life is feeling a LOT hectic right now.

If you work from home, it’s probably feeling totally OVERWHELMING as well.

And if you are a single mom… then #$%^&*!  You don’t have to have ADHD to feel like a crazy person right now…


Has the guilt set in yet?  You know, the guilt of knowing you need to keep driving your business, bring in cash flow but have the longing to do those “holiday” festivities with your family and not being able to BALANCE it all?  What about the anxiety of not having the shopping done but you still have a boatload of stuff to get done at work including serving your current clients, staying on top of the bills, the shopping, the MARKETING, the cash flow and the shopping… and I forgot the cleaning too.


Until my fairy Godmother sends me fairies to take care of all this stuff, which I still wish for daily, I wanted to send you some quick tips to FIND Your FOCUS, continue to grow a 6-figure business and beyond and get into your FLOW all the while enjoying the holidays with those that you love.


7 Time Management Tips For Entrepreneurs To Stay SANE during the Holidays


1.  Envision how you would like the next week or two to actually BE. 

WHO will you be and how will YOU flow?  Remember, you cannot control the actions of others so envisioning that everyone else has changed around you won’t work but I can tell you that once I started doing this and changing HOW I showed up, others followed.  Whether you like to journal or not, try writing this “BE” statement down so you can see if, feel it, and know it.  You will be much more CLEAR when you do that and less likely to get distracted by bright and shiny objects.



2.  Know there is no such thing as BALANCE!

Yes, I said it!  As women, we want to be SUPER HEROES and think there is some magical formula to HAVING IT ALL….  Well, there’s not!  It’s impossible.

Stop trying to be SUPERWOMAN, SUPERMAN or SUPER-CEO.  Every time I do this, I end up tripping over my cape.


3.  Set Clear Boundaries on what you are willing to do this week for your business, your family and yourself and COMMUNICATE them to others. 

I actually tried getting a last minute call (that was NOT an emergency) with my coach and he was NOT available.  At first, I was very hurt and frustrated but then thought to myself, THIS is WHY he is successful and until I set clear boundaries and STICK to them, I will continue to attract people who do not honor them, understand them or are willing to do the same for themselves which in turn, gets us OUT OF OVERWHELM.

Most importantly, don’t forget the communication piece especially if this is the first time you are doing this or haven’t done this consistently in the past.  Others don’t understand your time management plan isn’t explained.


4.  TIME BLOCK out the rest of the year and do it TODAY (before you move on to #5).

There are 4 essential parts to running a PROFITABLE business, the 5th part is YOU and then you have your personal goals and responsibilities.  It’s a LOT to keep up with.

I block out EVERYTHING that happens, even drive time and I don’t stray from my schedule.

If something happens where that’s not avoidable, I know right were to pick back up.

First, put in all of the COMMITMENTS and obligations you already have.  Since you have done the “envision exercise” you can go ahead and block out the time you want to spend with family next.  Then fill in the holes with the things you need to do.  This makes Time Management simple.

5.  An IPA a day keeps the doctor away! That’s INCOME PRODUCING ACTIVITY.

IPA is an INCOME PRODUCING ACTIVITY.  COLOR CODE each activity, especially GREEN for INCOME PRODUCING ACTIVITIES.  If you have GREEN in your calendar each day then you should have to worry about consistent cash flow.  Time Management is worthless is you aren’t making money so lets stay FOCUSED on the right things.


6.  Set TIMERS and Use POP-UP Reminders To Stay FOCUSED and Avoid Distractions

If you notice in that photo of a sample calendar, I have a time blocked out to make follow up phone calls to potential clients.  If it’s not in my calendar, it will never get done.  Also, there are a lot more things I’d rather do and also that need to be done.  One of my favorite time management tips for ADHD!

ANYONE can focus for 20 minutes at a time IF you use a timer and turn everything else off.  So do the IPA’s each day, turn off the email, the tones, the phones, the Internet if necessary, the spouse, the team members, etc. and go find a quiet place.  SET A TIMER and then play a game with yourself to see how many you can make in a certain amount of time.

You can also set alarms on your smartphone for when the dryer is done or also letting you know that you have 10 minutes left.  Whatever works for you.

7.  Honor Yourself First, Stay Calm & BE In The Moment! 


How you show up for yourself is how others will show up for you.  

Stay calm and know “you got this”!  Also, honor your commitments and make sure you put everything in the calendar.  When you are working with a client, be 100% in the moment with them and if you are shopping with your son, be 100% in the moment with him and do not let client-stuff get in the way.  Everything WILL wait for it’s moment and long as you give its moment ☺  Time Management is not a bad word.  Time Blocking and all of these other strategies can be put into place so you can make more money and have the FREEDOM to do what you want, when you want and with WHO you want to do it with.



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