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The 5 Truths Why Business Coaching Fails!

by Shelley Mitchell, Keynote Speaker - Business Growth Coach - ADHD Coach

Why do some coaching clients have MORE success than others?

I often ponder this myself because I can spend the same amount of time and give the same strategies to two equally intelligent people with the same potential of having a successful business, and one person will clearly have more success than the other.


Well, since it’s my number one goal to provide as much value as possible to my clients, I used to think it was “me”.

I thought maybe I didn’t give enough so I would give and give and give and yet still, one would be more successful while the other would struggle.

Now after thousands of hours coaching clients, many having successful 6figure businesses and beyond, here’s WHY some clients rise to the TOP!  and some do not…

The 5 Truths Why Business Coaching Fails! by Shelley Mitchell

First, contrary to some beliefs, lack of success has nothing to do with a personal situation, a rough home life, lack of support, lack of money, lack of time or any of the other things that many people think get in the way.

I got a text from a client tonight who was fretting about tomorrow’s accountability call because they had NOT done their homework. THIS client began having success within 30 days of working with her and consistently grows forward despite all of the things that “happen” to her or get in the way. WHY?

Reason #1 – She hired a coach and did NOT MISS any of her calls or any of the training provided to her – no matter what. (unless her mother was actually in surgery and then she was on live stream)

Reason #2 – When she made the commitment on the last accountability call, she knew that commitment meant “no matter what”… And this was before things blew up. She was committed. She blocked it out and had a plan.

Reason #3 – When things truly did blow up this week, she reached out to her coach for guidance. She recognizes the difference between B.S. excuses and real explosions but either way when she feels something is “too much” to handle; she reaches out for support.

Reason #4 – She is ACTUALLY AWARE at least the day before the call that the homework didn’t get done. I find that some clients don’t even remember what they committed to because they don’t write it down, they don’t block it out on their calendar and when something gets in the way, they don’t reschedule it. She FOCUSES on the right things and even though she might get sidetracked, she knows what the right things are so she can come back to them.

Reason #5 – She knows that even though she is amazing, she isn’t Super Woman. She is the one who has to do the work, but she stopped believing that she was ALONE, especially when things go wrong.

Had this client NOT had a coach who cared about her and the success of her business- or “QUIT” coaching when things got a little rough or during a time when her business “dipped” then she would still be STUCK just like so many other business owners.

She would never have had her goals mapped out the way she does now. And when things explode (or implode) from time to time, as they WILL, she has a way to get BACK ON TRACK….rather than let it go altogether and never move forward.

Even though she had a crappy a## week that I can surely attest to, THIS IS WHY SHE is consistently successful and sometime this week, I will surely hear an excuse from someone who didn’t do #1, 2, 3, 4 or 5.

This rough week shall pass, and her END GAME will always look better than her “now” game!