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Networking Gone Wrong! (video) &

7 Networking Strategies That Will Make You Be Seen As The Expert In Your Field


Networking exhaustion? Have you ever wondered why you feel exhausted after attending a “networking” meeting and why networking seems so effortless for others?


Or worse, you love networking; you have a great time, and you usually make a lot of friends but are now discovering that no real business gets done, and this “networking” thing hasn’t exactly moved your business or career forward? Ugh…

As someone with ADHD with a CAPITAL “H”, I used to get totally overwhelmed, tried to meet every single person in the room and then would lose the business cards, usually finding them under the seat of my car 6 months later feeling guilty that I didn’t follow up!

Which one are you?  You are not alone. In my brand new blog AND VIDEO SERIES (5 minutes or less), I’m about to share with you exactly how you can FOCUS when networking with the “7 Networking Strategies That Will Make You Be Seen As The Expert In Your Field” so you can get more clients, make more money, have FUN and make the best use of your time when networking!

Discover how NETWORKING EXHAUSTION can be a thing of the past!

These are very common scenarios I see every day with my new clients when they come to me to help them grow their businesses. I love this problem because, for me, this is an EASY FIX for their business growth. This hasn’t always been the case though. (keep reading below for the rest of this story)

I see so many people who complain they “GET NOTHING OUT OF IT” when networking. They don’t know “HOW” to meet the right people, WHERE to go or they feel like a fish out of water, get frustrated and finally GIVE UP!

NETWORKING, when done properly is one of the BEST THINGS for your business! I’m SO passionate about this that I LAUNCHED my own high-level, premiere, invitation-only, networking group for Women Leaders, called C.O.I., Center Of Influence Women’s Network


My own friends and private clients who have grown successful businesses and who are LEADERS in the community have struggled to find ways to network with other women who work and play at their same level… and have FUN doing it!

In honor of our amazing BOCA LAUNCH of C.O.I,. I put together a quick VIDEO SERIES with some my INSIDER TIPS (THAT WORK!) on networking the “right” way!

Are you are a busy, successful WOMAN executive, leader or business owner who has reached a level of success that has made it tough to find other women to network with who WORK and PLAY at your level and truly understand your unique challenges and opportunities?

Then CLICK HERE to learn more about C.O.I. and request your personal and private invitation to the C.O.I. Pond!


NETWORKING TIPS for High Level Leaders, Executives and Business Owners

This video series is a set of quick (5 minutes or less), self-made (please don’t judge the tech) yet POWERFUL, tried-and-true tactics that have been proven to work. I’ve included video #2 as my gift to you today.

I am NOT a natural “networker”, believe it or not. I have had challenges with both of the above scenarios and have a very interesting story. (Keep reading to check out my blog to discover what I did to fix it and watch my quick video with more tips on how to network the RIGHT way)


Maybe she’s born with it! Networking Insanity strikes at an early age.

Luckily (or un-luckily) I was born to two smart, driven, educated, typically-insane, entrepreneurs who taught me that networking was not an option. It’s just something you do.  Throughout my entire life, my parents were involved in media, radio, tv, retail businesses, the concert promotion and wrestling industry, church/pastoral/counseling and non-profit growth and yes, even successful MLM’s and direct sales. NETWORKING IS A NECESSITY.

Without giving it a second thought, I took on leadership roles at a very young age continuing through my entire life. At 23 years old, fresh out of the Army with two combat patches, starting a new career, I was the YOUNGEST Rotarian in the country at that time and took on the role of Membership Development. In my 30’s, I was also the youngest person who sat on the National Board of Governing Counselors for IREM. (the Institute of Real Estate Management) and that was after I was the Chair of Education for IREM for the entire state of Connecticut for several years.


These experiences are part of positioning yourself as an expert in your field.

I learned at an early age that networking and giving back was was the main KEY to separate myself from the pack as I was growing my career and then onto my own business.  Giving back is the purest form of Leadership.

WATCH MY QUICK VIDEO #2 – with those NETWORKING STRATEGIES! of the Networking Series Blog (less than 5 minutes) for some of the tactics I used and should be part of your strategy. How many are you already doing?

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Grow, Connect, Influence

7 Tactics To Grow, Connect and Influence through Networking

In summary, here’s the detailed IMPLEMENTATION strategies for these tactics we discussed.

  1. Know your ideal client (in detail) – until you do, you can’t speak their language, create your marketing message, branding, ads, website, choose WHERE your network
  2. Know exactly where they hang out or what group or organization has access to your ideal client (Ideal Affiliate/ JV/ Referral Partner). Otherwise, you will waste a lot of your very precious time and money chasing rabbits
  3. Consider a role in Leadership in one of these groups – this is HUGE and was the biggest thing that grew my career even from my early twenties through now regardless of what industry I was in, what role I played or whether or not I worked for corporate or owned my own business. Being in a Leadership role can:
    • Give you you ACCESS to top leaders & experts inside and outside of the organization and to the top successful members who are usually too busy to connect with the masses.
    • Gives you visibility to a much larger group of people to see who you are and what you do,
    • gives you a way to build relationships more efficiently and quickly,
    • Positions you as an authority or expert in your field and
    • Can also give you more time to “speak” or put your business in the spotlight much more often. Most people PAY a lot of money for this type of exposure, but if you CHOOSE the group and role strategically, you can get all of this in exchange for simply filling a LEADERSHIP ROLE, doing a good job and adding value to the organization with your gifts.
  4. Understand there is no such thing as “competition”. When you are clear on your Vision, Mission, and your IMPACT (exactly WHO your ideal client is, what they want and will pay for and the BENEFITS and RESULTS they receive from working with you… all in THEIR words) then you will be perceived as the expert or the perfect business or company for them then there is no competition whatsoever
  5. Find a group where you can truly expand your network through your relationships, not stifle you. As a member of an organization, this is important. However, if you are filling a LEADERSHIP ROLE, this is crucial. Be careful, though. Choosing the wrong organization that is not aligned with YOUR VALUES, or does not fill the requirements above (access to your ideal client or JV/ Referral partners, etc) or have an agreement with the expectation of both parties or you are filling a ROLE that doesn’t allow you to use your STRENGTHS and GIFTS could end in disaster.
  6. Find a group that encourages and provides multiple ways for you to CONNECT and NETWORK with the RIGHT people. A lunch every Tuesday with the same ole’ chicken dish and a run-of-the-mill speaker, most who haven’t even achieved what they are speaking about is NOT the open door to ways of connecting with the right people. Look for quality over quantity and values in line with yours.
  7. Consider SPEAKING at a focused, targeted industry-related organization. SPEAKING can give you instant exposure to MANY people and typically give you the expert of authority positioning you need for growth. (be sure you have a talk that “coverts” or this tactic, like many others, will just end up being busy work not getting results)

NETWORKING is Not An Option!

As you can see, when networking is done properly and strategically, it is the number one best way to grow your career and business and to make an IMPACT in your community and the lives of others in a way you can never do on your own.

As you can imagine, I’ve witnessed a lot of BAD NETWORKERS and some GREAT NETWORKERS who have catapulted businesses and careers with just ONE STRONG AFFILIATION.

By Shelley Mitchell, CEO of My Personal Business Coach, Business Motivational Keynote Speaker & Emcee, Founder of Women’s Network, Author, Business Growth Expert & ADHD Coach.  Visit our website and Get Your Free Weekly Success Planner at www.mypersonalbusinesscoach.com



By Shelley Mitchell, CEO of My Personal Business Coach, Business Motivational Keynote Speaker & Emcee, Founder of Women’s Network, Author, Business Growth Expert & ADHD Coach

Shelley Mitchell