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11 Simple Steps to Make More Money in 15 minutes, 30 Days and the next 12 Months

Did you know that most Business Owners & entrepreneurs secretly HATE the holidays?

So many of us (especially women business owners) are STRESSED OUT during the bahhumbugHOLIDAYS because rather than slowing down to “enjoy it” with the people we love, maybe baking cookies or spending the day putting up a tree, we are afraid if we slow down or take a rest, the business will fall apart and NO MONEY WILL COME IN!

… and don’t even get me started on how “SHOPPING” makes us feel! (ugh)

Do you need to make money NOW?

And I mean like in the next 15 minutes, this week or the next 30 days?

What about having a plan for this coming year in 2016?

I just really hate when I see hardworking business owners like you struggling to grow their business, not having the right plan that creates consistent cash flow or knowing what the exact “next steps” are to take each day.

I’ve heard quite the stories this week and as a nationally recognized SPEAKER, a certified Business Growth Coach and ADHD Coach, I felt like this is something I needed to address NOW… so here’s my BLOG hot off the press on!

11 Simple Steps to Make More Money in 15 minutes, 30 Days and the next 12 Months

by Shelley Mitchell, My Personal Business Coach


  1. Do something completely different than you did yesterday!

Working “harder” and stressing out about money is only going to get you more of the same. Whatever you are doing is NOT working so you need a DIFFERENT boat, not a bigger one. Know “HOW” to operate is part of using your “Genius” and finding your FLOW I review with my private clients and part of my new 6-Figure FOCUS Formula program launching January 7th!6figureFOCUSformula

If what you are doing is not working then CHANGE what you are doing, period.

  1. Have a Money PLAN or Financial Plan!

Many people call this “Revenue Projections” but MONEY PLAN sounds a lot more fun and less intimidating as it does not have to be complicated. It simply needs to make sense. You need a WRITTEN plan (even if it is on a napkin) that includes three things; a MONEY plan, a Marketing plan, and an ACTION plan.

Your MONEY plan should include what you are selling.   Your Money plan can be as simple as having one key initiative or “widget” for now or all of your programs, prices, and packages to include how much you charge, how exactly it helps the person you are selling it to and what the pains and challenges are they have that you can fix.

Moreover, That is Just Step #1… Ultimately, your “Money” Plan should include 3-5 Strategies of “WHAT” brings money into your business.

  1. Have a Marketing Plan for the real world!

You need a marketing plan that has a linear path on how you will generate leads and conversions to get new clients. (your marketing funnel)

Lead generation is online and offline and includes building your list as part of 16 or fewer tactics.

The difference between TACTICS and Strategies is that Strategies are the “PROFIT CENTERS” of your business such as “C-Suite Mastermind Program – One/One Coaching”, Group Programs such as my signature 6-week Get Your IPA On course and so on.

TACTICS are the activities that drive the business to the profit centers such as SPEAKING (our own events), SPEAKING (other events), Webinars, carefully planned networking (carefully/, blogging (with CTA), email marketing and so on. Advertising, Sponsorships, Facebook marketing/social media, JVs, and even using your email signature as marketing tactic would go here.

More importantly, notice I stated 16 or LESS, not more.

The more you keep it FOCUSED to what’s manageable and trackable and what works, the less you will feel like you are shooting arrows in the dark.

  1. Have a Funnel and make sure it “flows”.

Ensure that all of your TACTICS “flow” into the next one and all lead to your named “STRATEGIES”/ Profit Centers. Have a clear cut customer/client path to follow is the ONLY way you can stay FOCUSED. Most people are in LAUNCH mode every single month or don’t know where to take their ideal clients, so they do not understand why they are exhausted and broke.

  1. Track Everything You Do!

In those 16 items you list above, you must be able to track KPIs. (Key Performance Indicators)

If it is not worth TRACKING, then it is not worth doing.

Because you have a PLAN, and you are tracking it, then you can be the CEO and “redirect” your efforts when you have the information that backs up that decision but until then, please STOP CHANGING DIRECTIONS every time you get a new idea on how to do it better or different.

  1. Put It In The CALENDAR & Time-Block the heck out of everything above!

I personally try to abide by Mary Kay Ash’s rule of thumb who always said “God first, Family second & Career third”.

I put all of my IMPORTANT blocks for God and Family into my calendar first. The big blocks include holidays, doctor’s appointments and all of the really important things you want to be a part of your life. This does not include a hang nail or piano practice every single day unless that one thing holds a much higher priority than everything else. Think “big blocks” to include vacations as well.

Then you add into your calendar what you already KNOW is happening in your business like booked speaking engagements, board meetings, team meetings, standing appointments with clients and so on and then you

The final “main” step is to ADD IN your launch dates and start dates of your “Strategies/Profit Centers from above. This process is part of what I like to call “starting with the end in mind.” From here we now work backward and fill in all of the marketing tactics.

A complete Promotional plan and ACTION/Implementation PLAN has more step-by-step details, but you get the picture. We create these in my “Money & Marketing Success Planning Days” I do annually with my clients and from time to time, I offer public workshops LIVE and online. Click Here to find one in your area. 

Create Your Money Plan and Marketing Plan in Just One Day, Business Plan, Wealth Dynamics, The Millionaire Master Plan, Boca Raton

Create Your Money Plan and Marketing Plan in Just One Day, Business Plan, Wealth Dynamics, The Millionaire Master Plan, Boca Raton


  1. Create and Roll Out Your Action Plan (IMPLEMENT)!

The Action Plan consists of what I just discussed above but to include your annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly and DAILY planning and tracking and daily activities towards Income Producing Activities.

This is your FOCUS plan.

Remember, what you FOCUS on will expand so if you look back at your calendar, and you spent 8 hours working on your website, you now know WHY you do not have all the new clients you want.

  1. Get Your IPA On! (that’s Get Your INCOME PRODUCING ACTIVITIES on!)

 Here’s a SIMPLE way to make some money in 15 minutes! Ready?

  • Make a list of 10 people you’ve been “meaning” to follow up with (and their numbers) Set a timer for 2 minutes to QUICKLY put this list together.
  • Then set the timer for 15 minutes. That is it.
  • Go to a quiet place and make 15 minutes of phone calls. Start with #1 and work your way down. Don’t skip anyone. You psychologically made this list in this order for a reason. Whether they are a current client who is ready to renew, a lead that needs to be qualified, a potential JV or a really hot prospect.
  • Now DO YOUR THING! Pick up the phone and ask each one of them these words after you have had your small talk/questions/coaching… “What can I do to support you to take the next step”? Then LISTEN…  They will tell you what they need and if they don’t, keep asking questions.

If you ask enough questions, and ask people to take the “next step”, 25% of the people you actually talk to will move forward and voila, you have made MORE MONEY!

P.S. That’s a 25% closing ratio, btw. So when I ask you what’s your closing ratio, this is the simple formula.


  1. Drop All Excuses, for now… no matter what they are!

Even if it is just 7 days or 30 days… This one step alone will change your business forever, or even just for the week! I can tell you that every Monday I will blame the lack of money, time, support, my health and pain levels, the distractions at home, not having the right team… You name it; I’ve complained about it.

Part of the MAKE MORE MONEY PLAN includes putting away all of the excuses and being Nike (just do it).

With this plan, not only will you see success in 15 minutes after “Get Your IPA On” but the first 30 days without excuses will be amazing and then…


This is the biggie! Most women entrepreneurs’ tell me that FOCUS is their biggest challenge but what I find is that we will go through hell and high water to do things for other people when it comes to showing up for OURSELVES and our business, it ends up last on the list.

Is what others “see you doing” what you are really doing behind closed doors?

How you behave when your clients, your coach, and even your spouse is looking is one thing but how you behave, act, run your business, etc. when NO ONE is looking is the biggest determining factor of your success.


  1. Have a SYSTEM that works with your brain-style and be ACCOUNTABLE!

There has to be accountability in place for you to be consistent. When you set out to do something, don’t stop just because you hit a speed bump.  I can create a plan for you all day but if you change your mind every week, the best plan in the world WILL NOT WORK!

Stay tuned for next blog when I discuss “SYSTEMS” and finding one that works for your brain-style.

mmsd 6figure focus formulaUntil next time, I hope to see you at our very next “Money & Marketing Success Planning Day” so in In Just One Day, You’ll Walk Away With Your Personalized Money Making Marketing Plan Complete with Templates, Resources, and Checklists &

Tools For Your Best Year Ever!


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