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Our Signature System "CATAPULT"©  propels Smart, Driven, Creative Entrepreneurs to :

·        Determine their VALUES,

·        Create a PLAN,

·        FOCUS on their Priorities,

·        Implement a SYSTEM, and

·        Take ACTION to MAKE MORE MONEY & reach their DREAMS AND GOALS.


 **Also Certified in ADHD/ADD Coaching** 


We are EXPERTS in working with Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Managers, Leaders/Executives, Start-Ups, Direct SALES/MLM and Real Estate Agents/Brokers & Property Management professionals


Want to STOP being Stressed Out, running in circles or not having a clear cut focus of how you want to live your life??

 Would you like to start running your business rather than your business running you??

 Want to stop being exhausted for only mediocre results in your life and business??

 If you can DREAM IT, you can ACHIEVE IT!

You CAN have the business, and career you have envisioned for yourself AND the personal/family life balance you deserve!


What We Do

My Personal Business Coach LLC is an expert Business Coaching and Consulting Company that supports Smart, Driven Entrepreneurs to get UnStuck, Unstressed and Out of Overwhelm.   With our proven system and methods, business owners determine their VALUES, Create a PLAN, FOCUS on their Priorities, Implement a SYSTEM, and Take ACTION to make MORE MONEY & reach their DREAMS AND GOALS.


Our specialized, unique and targeted coaching process and consulting services bring incredible value and effectiveness to you and your business in supporting you in achieving your goals, eliminating distractions and streamlining the processes and systems for your continued growth and development.


Shelley Mitchell, BA, AAC, CPM, CAPS, CAM, MORS, HCCP, COS, is the President and creator of the Right Brain Solution, certified Business and ADHD Coach, National Speaker, Business & Community Leader, and Author of "Build My List! - Build My Business! - Build My Bank Account!", Co-Author of "More Ways To Succeed with ADHD" and Author of the forthcoming Book Series "How to Get & Keep What you Really, Really Want."  Her company provides targeted coaching and consulting services for long term growth. 

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Additional Services include public and private speaking, TRAINING and consulting services to include VIP days, one-on-one & group coaching, signature and custom workshops, training classes, keynotes and motivational speaking, webinars/teleconferences/telesummits, EVENT consulting  and other products and services to cover any business owner, leader or executive's needs.

We provide the GPS and ROADMAP for your journey.  We sit in the front seat and hold the map while you maneuver to your destination.  We provide clear objectives, guidance, support and most of off all, ACCOUNTABILITY we all need to achieve our goals and overcome our challenges.  We are experts at helping you:

·        Determine your VALUES,

·        Develop your MISSION,

·        Determine and PRIORITIZE your STRATEGIES,

·        Create a step-by-step PLAN and then

·        Take ACTION to reach your dreams and goals so you can make more money and have better work/life balance.




Everything is accomplished through our proven signature "CATAPULT" system and Methodology to include our 10-P's concept.

My Personal Business Coach LLC "coachsultant" packages are designed to help you to achieve your business and personal goals quickly and comprehensively. 

·        First, in this ongoing coaching partnership, we start by assessing what's working, what's not, and clarify your GOALS and what you want to achieve.

·        Second, we set goals, pinpoint measurable results and a time-line for achieving them.

·        Third, we brainstorm different ways of working, test out ideas and put new strategies into action.

·        Fourth, while we're doing that, we'll eliminate any distractions or challenges and overcome obstacles that get in your way or cause you to get overwhelmed or even procrastinate and not complete tasks for each of your goals.

·        Finally, you will be able to PRIORITIZE, FOCUS and take ACTION in order to grow your business and reach your goals in a simple, methodical, manner and to set yourself up for massive growth!

As the client, it is up to you to IMPLEMENT and do the work or delegate the work necessary to achieve these goals and in certain areas, when appropriate, we also provide business consulting, financial resources and training, and marketing, administrative and technical services to help with implementation if you do not have the resource's in-house.




If you KNEW you could NOT FAIL...

How would your life and business look if you…


·              Had a clear vision of exactly what you really, really wanted?

·              Had the ROADMAP and real-life PLAN of where you wanted to go?

·              Had specific, measurable, actionable GOALS that ignite your passion every single morning so you can REALLY ACCOMPLISH THEM?

·              Knew exactly what YOUR Unique Marketing message is, what YOU stand for and HOW to communicate it effortlessly?

·              Knew WHO your IDEAL CLIENTS are, WHERE to find them, HOW to reach them and they all wanted to work with YOU?

·              Had all of the perfect win-win, STRATEGIC RELATIONSHIPS with everyone you needed to know and didn't have to WASTE TIME blanketing networking events with your business cards only to never hear from people again?

·              Knew what the 3 biggest Goal Setting Mistakes are and how exactly to AVOID them?

·              Had a real CUSTOMIZED PERSONAL STRATEGY and ACTION PLAN and knew exactly what steps you were supposed to take every single day?


This can be a reality for you, your life and your business, and we would be honored and love to be there to be your partner on your journey to SUCCESS!



Our Business Coaching & Consulting services are GOAL-driven, ACTION-based and designed to move you FORWARD without the stress, overwhelm or being STUCK.  We are driven by integrity, ethics and the law of faith and abundance supported by hard work utilizing an effective plan.  We feel strongly there are no "magic pills" in business but also know that "overnight success" can be created in many cases with small tweaks, the right attitude and focused, consistent efforts.




We work with people who want to have FUN, be FEARLESS, stay FOCUSED and make more MONEY!

There are three types of clients and lengths of times we work with them:

·        One On One Private Clients (serious minded Business owners, Executives & Leaders committed to their success and take action for massive growth - 6 months to several years)

·        Group Coaching/Training Clients (hobbyists or those who need refreshers, masterminding or a small form of accountability - few weeks up to one year)

·        Product/workshop (anyone in business, looking to potentially start a business or simply wants more information - one transaction at a time)


Our Specialties

We specialize in coaching, consulting, speaking and training in the following areas:

·                   ENTREPRENEURS and Leaders

·                   ADHD/ADD Coaching

·                   Executive and Business Coaching

·                   REAL ESTATE (Realtors, Brokers, and Property Management)

·                   Direct Sales (MLM, Party Plan and Sales Professionals)

·                   Small Business Owners and Start Up

·                   Personal Growth, Confidence & Personal Power

·                   Professional Development and increased knowledge

·                   Relationship Coaching & conflict resolution (business and personal)

·                   Communication Skills, Customer Service and Networking

·                   Financial Management, Budgeting and Business Plan

·                   Achieving Balance

·                   Our team handles Health & Weight Issues as well.

·                   Organization, Time Management & Productivity

·                   Individual, Group and TEAM Coaching

·                   Workshops and Seminars for your teams and organization

·                   Team Building and Leadership

·                   SMART Goals and Achievement Seminars for Individuals and Groups



If you are looking for that "missing piece" which will CATAPULT you forward create a BIG IMPACT on your business and your life, My Personal Business Coach can help.  Contact us to set up a complimentary Strategy Session or if you have any questions contact us at shelley@mypersonalbusinesscoach.com


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